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Apache Lucene

Alex Syaekhoni

Information Systems Laboratory
Industrial & Systems Engineering Department
Dongguk University
7/31/2014 1
Part 1: Installation
Part 2: Overview of Lucene and Usage
Part 3: Example implementation
Part 4: Future Plan
7/31/2014 2
Open the eclipse
Create a new java project , this will be for Lucene (core)
Use library source of the Lucene which is downloaded , copy it to the
Lucene project

7/31/2014 3
Installation (cont..)
Create a Demo project,
Use the LuceneDemos provided by Apache Lucene. Copy it to
the Demo project that has been created.

7/31/2014 4
Installation (cont..)
Add the project Lucene, include it into the project Demo

7/31/2014 5
Installation (cont..)
Debug configurations
Indexing document files
7/31/2014 6
Installation (cont..)
Configure path of location of documents files
7/31/2014 7
Installation (cont..)
Searching document files

7/31/2014 8
Overview of Lucene and Usage
7/31/2014 9
Overview of Lucene and Usage (cont..)
example using small data (3.25 GB document files)
7/31/2014 10
Overview of Lucene and Usage (cont..)
Searching (keyword: data mining)
Display list of document that has data mining in it
7/31/2014 11
Example of implementation
In real domain application, Lucene has been widely used for:
Yellow Pages, Local Search, and Searching Classifieds
Media e-commerce
Job and Career Sites
Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs) Search
Social Media Search
Enterprise (Intranet) Search

Organizations that uses Lucene:
AT&T, Zappos, McClatchy, Smithsonian, MTV Networks,
LinkedIn, MySpace, Comcast, Monster, Netflix,
and many more
7/31/2014 12
Future Plan
For the first experiment, 3.25 GB document files on
the Windows was used , and it toke 23 seconds.
And for the future plan, The large amount of
document files will be used. Then will be run on the
The Lucene will be tried to be integrated with
web(maybe jsp). And it is expected running well
7/31/2014 13