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Enterobius vermicularis

(Pinworm, Thread)

Dr. Mejbah Uddin Ahmed

E. vermicularis
✔ E. vermicularis is one of the commonest
worms of man.
✔ Eggs are not bile stained.
✔ Adult worm lives in the caecum and
vermiform appendix.
E. vermicularis

✔ Modes of infection: Parasite is

transmitted by ingestion of eggs,
handling contaminated bedding, night
clothing, or inhaling eggs in airborne
E. vermicularis
✔ Auto-infection: The movement of adult
worm at time of laying eggs produces
itching and induce scratch. Then eggs
are carried to mouth on fingers and
subsequently swallowed.
✔ Retrograde-infection: Eggs are laid on
the perianal skin immediately hatch into
larvae and migrate through the anus to
E. vermicularis
✔ Life cycle:
✔ Host: Man (definitive host).
✔ Infective form: Eggs.
✔ Site of localization: Caecum and
vermiform appendix.
E. vermicularis
E. vermicularis
✔ Clinical Manifestations
✔ Mostly asymptomatic, in heavy infection
following symptoms are normally found:
Pruritus periani and eczematous
condition round the anus and perineum,
salpingitis, nocturnal enuresis and
inflammation of vermiform appendix.
E. vermicularis
✔ Diagnosis:
✔ Microscopic demonstration of eggs in
perianal skin by scotch tape method .
✔ Small whitish worms can be found in
stool or near the anus.
E. vermicularis