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Oral cancer is a major public health problem worldwide.

Despite recent advances in the detection and treatment of cancer,

visual accessibility of the oral mucosa, and the scientific
knowledge on cancer risk factors, oral cancer is still frequently
diagnosed in advanced stages.
The aim of this study is to increase information about the causes
and knowledge of signs and symptoms of oral cancer among the
the population to prevent it.
A total of 15 dental hygienist students studying at Jordan
University of Science and Technology were included in the study.
A questionnaire was made to assess the knowledge of the
subjects about the clinical manifestations and the possible risk
factors of oral cancer. Manual statistical analysis was performed to
compare the knowledge between males and females as well as
the prevalence of correct answer for each question.

A Future research should assess a large representative sample for
the whole dental hygienist in all Jordan universities. and another
future research should assess how dental hygienist use their
knowledge about oral cancer in clinical practice And their ability to
perform a clinical oral cancer examination for all patient who come
to their clinics, as we aim to reduce the incidence and mortality
rate of oral cancer by early detection of it .