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Basic Computer Terms

Mrs. Hanson Period

Part 1 Fill in the Blank
The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn commonly used terms related to computers.
Definitions and examples are listed below. Read each definition and then complete the fill-in-
the-blank section.
Hardware The physical components of the computer system, such as the
hard drive, disc drives, and modem.
Software The programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do,
such as word processors, spreadsheets, and databases.
CPU The brain of the computer or Central Processing Unit.
ROM The permanent memory that is built in your computer. This is
Read-Only Memory.
RAM The computers working memory, sometimes called Random-
Accessed memory.
Megabyte Approximately a million bytes (a measure of storage).
Gigabyte Approximately a billion bytes (or 1,000) megabytes.
Input Device The hardware that is used to pass information into the
computer, such as a mouse, keyboard, or microphone.
Output Device The hardware that receives and displays information coming
from the computer, such as a monitor, printer, or speakers.
Modem The device that allows your computer to talk to other
computers over a telephone line.
Monitor A video or computer display device that contains a screen.
Laser Printer A printer that uses both laser and photographic technology to
produce high quality output.
Printer The hardware that provides printed output from the computer.
Hard Copy A printed copy of computer output.
Compact Disc A disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such
as audio, video, or computer data.
Hard Disk A fixed, large-capacity magnetic storage medium for computer
data; this is inside the computer.
Floppy Disk A portable magnetic storage medium for computer data that
allows users to randomly access information.
Graphical User Interface The use of graphical symbols instead of text commands to
control common computer functions such as copying programs
and disks.
Icon A small picture or symbol representing a computer hardware
function or component.
Ink-jet Printer A type of printer that forms letters on the page by shooting tiny
electrically charged droplets of ink.
Peripheral Any hardware attached to the CPU, whether it be an input,
output, or storage device.

Fill in the word(s) that best complete each sentences in the space provided.

1. A mouse, keyboard, and any other devices that pass information into the computer are
called .
2. Computers have two kinds of memory: , which is permanent memory, and ,
which is working memory. (Use the abbreviations)
3. The physical components of the computer that you can see and touch are called .
4. There are three storage mediums listed: is fixed storage inside the computer; a
is portable magnetic storage; a has had information recorded on it with a laser and
is also portable.
5. Word processors and spreadsheet programs are examples of that tell a computer
what to do.
6. An uses electrically charged droplets of ink to produce output, while a
uses laser and photographic technology.
7. The screen that receives and displays information from a computer is called a . This
is one example of an .
8. In order for your computer to communicate with other computers over a telephone line,
you may need a .
9. When you want to make a , or printed copy of output, you will need to use a
10. Information storage is measured in bytes. A million bytes is called a , while a billion
is called a .
11. A picture or symbol that represents a function of a computer is called an . You can
usually click on these with your mouse.
12. A computer has something like a brain that does most of its work. This is called the .
(Use the abbreviation)
13. All of the hardware components of the computer that are attached to it are called .
14. When graphical symbols (pictures) are used instead of text commands (words), this is
called .

Part 2 Matching
Use the following website to look up the types of software listed below (enter the term in the
search box). Match each term with its correct definition by writing the letter of the correct
definition in the space provided next to the term. One of the terms will not have a definition;
you will need to figure out that answer by default.

Website: http://www.webopedia.com

Terms Definitions

1. Open source software
A. An instructional lesson that leads the user through
key features and functions of things in a series of

2. Application software

B. Software that reinforces a skill in a specific content
area, such as keyboarding, language arts, etc.

3. Simulation

C. A program in which the source code is available to
the general public for use free of charge.

4. Systems software

D. The operating system (such as Windows) and
utility programs that manage computer resources at a
low level.

5. Tutorial

E. A program designed for an end-user, such as word
processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software.

6. Drill and practice

F. A computer program that can imitate a real
condition, such as weather conditions or atomic

Part 3 Online Quiz
Open Internet Explorer and key the following web address in the address bar (it must be keyed
in exactly as follows or it will not work):


Take the quiz and print your answers. Print this worksheet and staple your quiz to the back of
this worksheet. (Do not click on Get Results. It will close your browser and you will
have to take the quiz again.)

If you have extra time, open the document called Keyboarding Practice Websites from the TJ
Walker Student/Hanson folder and choose one or more websites to use for practice.

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Computer Terminology - Form.doc