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Torres 1

Beatriz Torres
Dr. R. V. Sterling
INRW 0302.205
July 29, 2014
Migratory Chaos
Judged by my physical appearance I was asked by an American citizen a couple of days
ago where was I originally from? knowing what his intentions were at the moment of asking and
not ashamed I responded from Honduras; so he immediately questioned me if I was legal to work
over here, again answering politely I said yes. After that, he came up with the topic of all the
children emigrating from Central America to the United States. Asking me what my stand about
the situation was? Concerning I replied, even though it is really dangerous for them to be
crossing the border in a risky way. I know is the only choice they have to a better life standard
and to be safe. Although, they are exposing themselves by traveling an unknown way, to them it
seems not to care just for the hope to have protection; a protection that the government in our
countries cannot guarantee. Therefore they should be allowed to stay and pay taxes as a regular
Extremely frustrated; he replied to me saying that the government cannot waive nobody
and should send all the children back to their countries and that if they want to come they have to
do it in a legal way. Stating that immigrants will not bring welfare to the country and that the
government is truly wasting money in the children; like if they are sick they would pay medical
resources, created more shelters, and provided food for them and it is not fair of the government
to spend all this money on immigrants when it could be used for their citizens. Because is not
like the emigrants are contributing to the economy of the country.
Torres 2

U.S. Customs and Border Protection affirm to arrest more than 57,000 children so far this
year escorted by coyotes. Children coming from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, or Guatemala
all these countries sustain high numbers in thefts, murders, and poverty (Running for their
lives). Because the police are ruled by the gang desires under threat of killing their entire
families if they mess with them. The street gangs Maras have overcome the power of the
authorities at these places. Through manipulation and sowing fear in the people is how they are
free to do whatever they pleased. And the residents cannot longer depend on authorities to feel
safe. They usually ask really young children to join the gang; giving them some time to think the
proposed. Eventually, they would ask again and if the child says no they would threat with
killing him or his family as well. The purpose of recruiting young schoolboys is that nobody
would suspect of a child to do killing, extortion, and kidnapping. All this has increase in the last
couple of years making it an unsafe place to live.
Poverty also plays an important role when it comes to the decision about immigrate. Not
every single city is operated by gangs; there are some regions not controlled by them. Yet the
children are hit by poverty. They feel like if the follow the American dream they would be able
to provide their families a better future and they want to be the head of the family. Because the
government would not do anything to help the poor people the country has finding a way to
generate work for them, or even to provide a better system of education. All this creates in the
children the urgency to leave the country. Gangs and poverty are the main reason why parents
permit their child to venture on the road, because they are too scared of what might happen to
them if they stay over there. So that, when president Obama said he will grant permits for the
immigrant who are in this country illegal (The Border and Obama), every one of the parents
Torres 3

saw hope for their children and they start bringing them no caring about risking their lives
because it could not be worse than at home.
As a result this has created what people in the news are calling a humanitarian crisis,
alarming many of the citizens in the U.S. bringing a discussion whether they should stay or
leave. Stated by a new survey about 71% Americans agreed there should be a way for
immigrants to remain in this country only meeting certain requirements, yet the other 27% think
they should not be allowed (Most Say illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay
www.People-press.org). By allowing the immigrants to stay, the country strengthens, because of
their hard work and willingness to do the type a job a native would not do. Plus if they are
required to pay a fine in order to stay, they would pay it, increasing the money the government
can use for different public works. Immigrants pay more to the U.S. economy than what they
withdraw. According to the National Foundation for America Policy immigrants would add
around 611 billion dollars to the social security system, helping to keep it solid, more than that
increasing the deficit by 31 percent (Immigrants Are Makers, Not Takers). As well as
guaranteeing more retirement money into the system by paying taxes.
Forced by the situation they live in their countries those children do not have another
choice but to leave and follow the American Dream. Since the government in those countries is
not willing to protect them against all the violence they have to go through every single day they
are the ones to blame of what is happening. They are innocent people and do not have fault of
what occurs and they cannot even control it; they are just being victims of the situation. They
wake up every day thinking if they are going to be lucky enough to make it through the day; if
they are not going to end up dead in any streets in their way to school. Fear is what makes them
immigrate because there are not really other options. Hispanic community should stand up and
Torres 4

support the people remembering the reason of why they left too. Between gangs and the
government the people do not know who is worse; they just want to scape to a better life.

Torres 5

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