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IUSPP notes #2 (July 16)

Summary of material covered
Since the midterm notes, we have covered culture and communication,
resumes, reresentation, ho!stede and resentation s"ills# $anni, Ja"e, %lint
and $arolyn are all doin& well# 'y !ocus is really centred on them and (dam
at this oint# )e went to a $anadians Game which the students loved#
Student Updates
Adam has been in China until last week and has since been sick. I am really
hoping to be able to pin him down shortly, as we have a lot to cover.
While Serena is technically still registered, last night was the frst time I saw her
in a very long time. She attended the Canadians Game with us. I reminded her
that she should continue to come to class, but I am skeptical that she will.
Summer has also had very poor attendance. She has said that she hasnt been
feeling well and then last Friday she sent me a text to say that she could not
come to class because she got drunk the night before. She attended the baseball
game last night.
Adrian has decided to return to IUSPP in the fall while attending Langara.
However, he has also been accepted into Visual Studies at the University of
Toronto. I think this program feeds into architecture, in which case, he should
defnitely accept. I need to look into this further.
* Any reminders (dates/events) that other Instructors/Program Coordinator need to
be aware of
July 28 - 4PM
Recruitment Session with Career Services
July 29 - 5PM
VAG Douglas Coupeland
August 8 9:30AM-12PM
CNC Student Presentations