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Unit Title Moral Courage & Endurance

Teacher(s) Diana Dame, Mattie Pritchett, Portia Shaw, and Mary Schmidt
Subject and Grade Level 1
Grade Ma!net "n!lish
Time #rame and Duration $ wee%s&'u!ust 11
to (ctober 1

Stage 1: Integrate signifcant concept, area of
interaction and unit question, and ensure it can be
Area of Interaction ocus
)hich 'o* will be your #ocus+ )hy have you chosen
Signifcant Concept!s"
)hat are the bi! ideas+ )hat do * want my
students to retain #or years into the #uture+
,uman *n!enuity -ite stron! te.tual evidence to su//ort
student o/inions, understandin!, and
M#$ Unit %uestion
How does the personal perspective, purpose, and
intended audience of an author influence voice and
style of a finished literary work?
)hat tas%(s) will allow students the o//ortunity to res/ond to the unit 1uestion+
)hat will constitute acce/table evidence o# understandin!+ ,ow will students show what they have understood+
Dia!nostic2 Literary terms, e.tended writin!, ML' #ormat, !rammar s%ills
3ormative2 Grammar tests (lan!ua!e and usa!e), (ne4line Literacy Tests (content), -om/rehension
1ui55es, G( com/are6contrast Antigone and Fahrenheit 4510
Summative2 -reate 7our -ivili5ation
)hich s/eci#ic M7P objectives will be addressed durin! this unit+
Language and Usage
Stage ': (ac)*ard planning: fro& t+e assess&ent to t+e
learning acti,ities t+roug+ inquir-
)hat %nowled!e and6or s%ills (#rom my course overview) are !oin! to be used to enable the student to res/ond to the !uidin!
)hat (i# any) state, /rovincial, district, or local standards6s%ills are to be addressed+
"L' 1 8L16)*D'1 9 :
"L' 18*;
"L' 1)<
"L' SL1
"L' L1
Approac+es to .earning
,ow will this unit contribute to the overall develo/ment o# subject4s/eci#ic and !eneral 'tL s%ills+
-ommunication2 Students will e./lore content vocabulary0
*n#ormation Literacy2 Students will identi#y author=s /ur/ose0
.earning E/periences
,ow will students %now what is e./ected o# them+ )ill
they see e.am/les, rubrics, tem/lates, etc0+
,ow will students ac1uire the %nowled!e and /ractise
the s%ills re1uired+ ,ow will they /ractise a//lyin!
Do the students have enou!h /rior %nowled!e+
Teac+ing Strategies
,ow will we use #ormative assessment to !ive students #eedbac%
durin! the unit+
)hat di##erent teachin! methodolo!ies will we em/loy+
,ow are we di##erentiatin! teachin! and learnin! #or all+ ,ave we
considered those learnin! in a lan!ua!e other than their mother
ton!ue+ ,ave we considered those with s/ecial educational
Students will %now what is e./ect o# them
throu!h clear lesson !oals, --GPS #or each
lesson, #ormative assessments that assess
learnin!, visual aids, assi!nment rubrics, and
multi/le means to remember assi!nments as
well as study s%ills0
Students will /artici/ate in !uided and
inde/endent /ractice o# s%ills connected to
--GPS in each lesson0 Daily /ractice will
/re/are students #or summative assessment
that are directly connected0 Students also
/artici/ate in collaborative learnin!, #le.ible
!rou/in!, Socratic seminars, and literature
'll %nowled!e necessary #or com/letin!
assessments a//ro/riately will be /rovided #or
Teachers will use anchor /a/ers, conce/t /osters,
!ra/hic or!ani5ers, !uided 1uestions, clear
assessments, sca##olded lessons, and !uided /ractice to
ensure students ac1uire %nowled!e0
-o4teachin! models, "S(L methods, /eer teachin!,
online !uidance, and Teachin! #or ".cellence strate!ies0
Di##erentiation will occur throu!h the use o# !ra/hic
or!ani5ers, student choices, '--"SS scores, ST'8
results, SP"D accommodations, small !rou/ instruction,
station teachin!, tactile activities, ji! sawin!, di##erent
readin! level te.ts, and usin! a variety o# #ormative
assessments based on student /ro#ile0
)hat resources are available to us+
,ow will our classroom environment, local environment and6or the community be used to #acilitate students= e./eriences durin!
the unit+
Fahrenheit 451
*nternet #or research
ML' !uide
1ngoing re2ections and e,aluation
In )eeping an ongoing record, consider t+e follo*ing questions3 T+ere
are furt+er sti&ulus questions in t+e unit planning section of
MYP: from principles into practice3
Students and Teac+ers
)hat did we #ind com/ellin!+ )as our disci/linary %nowled!e6s%ills challen!ed in any way+
)hat in1uiries arose durin! the learnin!+ )hat, i# any, e.tension activities arose+
,ow did we re#lect > both on the unit and on our own learnin!+
)ere there any attributes o# the learner /ro#ile that were encoura!ed throu!h this unit+ )ere there any o//ortunities #or action+
$ossible connections
,ow success#ul was the collaboration with other teachers within my subject !rou/ and #rom other subject !rou/s+
)hat interdisci/linary understandin!s were or could be #or!ed throu!h collaboration with other subjects+
)ere students able to demonstrate their learnin!+
Did the assessment tas%s allow students to demonstrate the learnin! objectives identi#ied #or this unit+ Did * ma%e sure
students were invited to achieve at all levels o# the criteria descri/tors+
're we /re/ared #or the ne.t sta!e+
4ata collection
,ow did * decide on the data to collect+ )as it use#ul+