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Teaching Portfolio

Through the classes I have taken at etools4Education and my experience as a substitute teacher, I have
developed a personal teaching philosophy that will be implemented into my future classroom. I will look at the
students needs and the TEKS objectives to prepare lessons.
My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I
want to take students at different levels and see them develop together towards individual success. In a
classroom with multiple intelligences and diversity, it is important that I address the different learning styles
and cultures to create an inclusive environment. For example, group work, when students help fellow students,
changes each person and transforms the atmosphere of the class as a whole.

I plan to effectively use the countless resources that the school and district has available from technology to
advice and from my experienced peers. I am consistently looking for ways to be an effective teacher.

I believe it is critical to remember to enjoy students and everything they have to offer. Sometimes it can be a
struggle, but if something goes wrong, there is always a way to fix a problem. No matter what, there is always the
power to make change.

Every child deserves a champion an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of
connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.
Rita Pierson

Education, Employment,
and Certifications

To utilize my passion for education and leadership experience by obtaining a position teaching
elementary students (EC-6 generalist certified) at Wylie Independent School District. Major strengths
include teamwork, organization, communication, and training. I am versatile, results -driven, and
self- motivating with proven success as a WISD substitute teacher, preschool teacher, and in a
pediatric office.


TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY, Lubbock, TX 1992 -- 1996
Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science


Web Centric Alternative Certification Program Passed TExES Content Exam EC-6 Generalist
January 31, 2014
Passed TExES PEDAGOGY & PROF RESP EC-12 Exam April 25, 2014
Scheduled to take TExES Special Education EC-12 (161) Exam August 14, 2014


WISD, Wylie, TX 2013-present

Substitute Teacher
Perform essential classroom duties in elementary and special education classrooms, often with little
notice or guidance, while maintaining district educational and behavioral guidelines.
Present educational material employing diverse teaching strategies designed to effectively address
each students learning style and ability, including lecture, discussion, demonstration, cooperative
learning, and individualized instruction.
Provide educational continuity by implementing established lesson plans, while exercising
professional judgment to introduce new material when appropriate or necessary.
Develop and maintain positive interactions with students, faculty, and administrators, and building a
rapport and gaining respect and trust to ensure an environment conducive to learning.

Clinical Pediatric Associates, Dallas, TX 1996 -- 2013

Medical Transcription (remote in Wylie) 2001--2013
Daily transcription performed remotely for one pediatrician at CPA.
Communicate with physician and staff regarding changes and/or questions in assessments, testing, and

Medical Technologist 1996-2003
Performed testing on pediatric patients daily in office lab setting
Preparation of any paperwork and specimens needed to be sent to reference labs.
Training of qualified staff.
Maintained and managed equipment and logs for CLIA.
Interacted effectively with physicians, nurses, office staff, and patients.

Learning Academy Preschool, wylie, TX 2006-2008
Preschool Teacher
Teaching and caring for two and three year olds the beginning fundamentals in early childhood education.
Preparing and working with team teacher in lesson planning throughout the school year.
Ability to use formative assessments to identify mastered lesson objectives and reteach as needed.
Effectively communicating with parents and staff regarding classroom issues using both one way and two
communication devices.
Kim Landry
107 S WA Allen Blvd
Wylie, TX 75098
Home: 972-442-6792
Cell: 972-623-8362
Email: kimlandry74@gmail.com

Sunday school teacher 2003-present
VBS Coordinator
Coaching (Volleyball girls)
PTA Volunteer 2007-present
School Mentor Program Volunteer
Adventure Camp Chaperone

Amy Herzog: Amy.Herzog@wylieisd.net 972-429-3400
Kristen Larson: Kristen.Larson@wylieisd.net 972-429-3400
Jennifer Sanchez: Jennifer.Sanchez@wylieisd.net 972-429-3400
Kate Satterwhite: Kate.Satterwhite@wylieisd.net 972-429-3400
Dani Womack: Dani.Womack@wylieisd.net 972-429-3400
Great communicator with exceptional people skills; proven
leader and motivator.
Excellent planning and organizational skills.
Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Familiar with Smart Board Technology.

Recipient of the WISD Golden Apple Award for the 2013-2014
school year

Technology in the classroom:

Technology is a great tool for learning. Using computer software
provides an easy way to apply the proven principles of visual
learning. Students build graphic organizers by combining pictures,
text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information.
Younger learners develop early literacy skills, and more advanced
students improve comprehension skills and better organize ideas for
Why do you think it would be important to
know which students in your classroom are visual,
auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic learners?

As a teacher, I can lead students in learning concepts by
focusing on their styles and use them in the process of
learning. Incorporating activities beneficial to all
learning styles into my lesson plans (on the front end)
will make the task of meeting all of my students' needs
much easier.

How can being proactive with classroom management have an impact in the classroom?
Proactive classroom management can have a positive impact on each of the following:
*Reduce classroom disruptions and office referrals: Routine and simple class rules should be established at the beginning of
the year. Teachers should be consistent in enforcing these rules as well as promoting positive behavior. Observing students
struggling with their behavior by looking for triggers can benefit the student, the class, and their learning experience.
*Improve classroom climate: Teachers should model scholarly behavior that is expected of the class. Teachers should
nurture positive relationships with their students creating a sense of well-being in the classroom.
*Increase student on-task behavior: Teaching a cue system and transition skills will help students be ready for the next task.
A well organized and clean room will allow teachers and students find materials easily. Alternatives to pencil/paper tasks
and applying lessons to real world use can make learning interesting and purposeful. Establish respectful interactions: A
teacher MUST model respect and positive interactions between all students, staff, and parents. Throughout the year, planning
group building activities will encourage positive peer relationships.

As a substitute, I always had a back up in case the lesson ran short or was not engaging.
I would include learning games such as Kahoot, Koosh Ball, and stations (computer, games, group work).
These activities allowed for all MI to be engaged and a opportunity to extend learning.
I am a wife to Greg and mother of 2 daughters, Katie (13) and Emily (11). I have a background as a
pediatric medical technologist and moved on to be a preschool teacher with my daughters at
Learning Academy Preschool in Wylie.
It was through my experience as a preschool teacher, church volunteer, and mentor that I realized I
enjoyed the comradery with co-workers and the experience teaching young minds of all ages.
As my daughters are growing and getting more independent, and with help my supportive husband,
teaching seems like a natural step for me. I know I will enjoy the rewarding experiences as a

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
-B.B. King