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Question for interview (School Principle)

1) What are the demographics of the students attending this school? Well, our
school is made up of 78% Latinos and about 40% of the students are illegal

2) How many students take English as a second language at this school, and
how many graduate with a diploma? There is about 4,000 students take English
as a second language, however about only 18 students end up graduating with the
diploma, most students drop out of school before they graduate.

3) Currently in the southern borders, there is an approximate of 40 thousand
kids entering the US this year, are schools prepared for this wave of
students? I am asking the government for more money to be invested in public
education, due to the fact that many children have just crossed the border
illegally and our school isnt prepared. Our school starts in a few weeks and I
dont have a staff member covered in each position.

4) What should the government do the children in the southern borders? The
government should stop spending billions of dollars in the defense budget and
focus on our education and push for immigration reform. If not, this problem will
gradually increase to a point where no solutions will be valid or called upon.
Now for the children that are in the borders at this moment, we as Americans
should accept them to our country, show them the American Dream, the idea of
deporting them is ridiculous, we are better than that.

5) Do most of these students have a pathway to college or do they usually end
up in the labor market? Most of the students that drop out or graduate from this
school, usually end up working in the labor market, they dont have many
opportunities in life. Its sad to here about this, that is why the government should
push a proper immigration reform to solve this problem and to help these kids to
a pathway to college.