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014/1 SULIT
Questions 1 to 4
Choose the best word to complete the sentences
Pilih perkataan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut.

1 The ___________ quacked loudly when they saw a large snake.
A parrots
B turkeys
C ducks
D chickens

2 My brother wears a pair of ________ when he goes jogging.
A sandals
B slippers
C shoes
D sneakers

3 They boys tied the logs together to make a ________ .
A canoe
B kayak
C boat
D raft

4 Mother bought a _______ of bananas from a nearby fruit stall.
A comb
B bunch
C string
D bundle


014/1 SULIT
Questions 5 to 7
Read the text and choose the best phrase for each of the pictures given.
Baca petikan dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi.

The English Language Society is organizing a day trip to Kuala Lumpur. The trip

is ____5____ members only. You are required to pay RM 50 for

____6____ . .The bus leaves school at _____7_____ .

those interested, please give your names to Sheila from Year 6 Bistari.

5 A open from
B open out
C open to
D open into

6 A food and lodging
B food and transport
C lodging and transport
D transport and lodging

7 A a quarter past seven
B a quarter to seven
C seven sharp
D a quarter to six


014/1 SULIT
Questions 8 to 10
Choose the best answer for each of the pictures given.
Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi.




A My cousin is eating a packet of sweets.
B My sister is eating a bar of chocolate.
C My sister is eating some cookies.
D My sister is eating a piece of cake.

A The pupils are helping out at a childrens
B The pupils are visiting the senior citizens.
C The pupils are visiting the orphanage.
D The pupils are at the hospital.

A My father enjoys catching fish.
B My father enjoys deep sea diving.
C My father enjoys snorkeling in the clear water.
D My father enjoys underwater swimming.


014/1 SULIT