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The sound [] and []

Pat back man can
At that ask bad
As catch glad last
Has Saturday cab laugh
Have perhaps understand half
Had matter bag class

Sentence Drill
1. Jack cant understand that.
2. That man ran after his bat.
3. Half the class has had it.
4. Has Dad had a nap?

Pet when F, L, M, N, S, X Wednesday
Get weather ten February
Let dead eleven September
Yes sell twelve December
Them any 7, 17, 70 tell
Men many well then
Says very better again
Said yet best friend

Sentence Drill
1. Lets get Ed a pen.
2. Many men said yes.
3. When did Ted send the letter?
4. The weathers better in September.

Pet, pat mess, mass dead, Dad set, sat
Peck, pack neck, knack beg, bag bed, bad
Said, sad met, mat net, gnat led, lad
Then, than merry, marry very, vary M, am
Lend, land spend, spanned N, an

Sentence Drill
1. Pass the jelly, Edna
2. Get back exactly at midnight.
Lets ask Dads friends.


A fashionably tan man sat casually at the bat stand, lashing a handful of practice bats. The manager, a crabby old bag of
bones, passed by and laughed, Youre about average, Jack. Cant you lash faster than that? Jack had enough, so he
clambered to his feet and lashed bats faster than the any man had ever lashed bats. As a matter of fact, he lashed bats
so fast than he seemed to dance. The manager was aghast. Jack, youre a master bat lasher! he gasped. Satisfied at
last, Jack sat back and never lashed another bat.