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G1A: Mr. Otto & Ms.

G1B: Ms. Nivol & Ms. Adri

Pan American School
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

Fortaleza, Brazil
Master of Science (Buffalo
State University SUNY)
Language Major (English,
German, Portuguese)
Experience with P4, K5
This is my first year teaching
Grade1 at PAS. I have had
five wonderful years here at
PAS and I am sure this will
be another one.
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
B.Ed with reading
National Board
Certification in US: literacy
Taught in Alaska for 13
years: Grades 1, 2, and 3

This is my second year
teaching Grade 1 at PAS.
I am excited to be here
and I am looking forward
to an amazing year.

. Tapes, Brazil
. Language Major - English
. Master of Science (Buffalo
State University SUNY).
. Started at PAS in 2008.
. 2 years K5,
. 2 years P4.
. Third year in G1.
. I love working in first grade
and I am sure we are going to
have a great year.
New Jersey, USA

Early Childhood College in San
Started at PAS in 2005, left for
3 years and restarted in 2012.
Experience in different grades.

I am very happy to be working
with Ms. Nivol this year in grade
1B and I love working with young
kids. Looking forward to having a
wonderful year!

Bell Work 7:50 8:15
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Water Bottles: reusable, no cups
Uniform Required (tennis shoes
Clearly label jackets and
sweaters with first and last
Lunch/ Almoo 12:05 - 12:35 *
End of the day pick up 3:15 -
decide as a family where you
will meet.
Bring bookbag Everyday.
Every Monday: comes home
and is returned the next
Raz-kids reading log
Unit of Inquiry
Library Days
Mr. Otto Day B
Ms. Nivol Day B
Daily 5: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading,
Work on Writing, Word Work.

Handwriting: Casey the Caterpillar Program

Curriculum Used
Words Their Way (word study)
Leveled Readers

Students will be assessed through our DRA program.

Guided Reading is done daily in small groups with
individualized instruction.

Shared Reading & Read Aloud is done daily to model reading
strategies (fluency, thinking, comprehension)

Developed by the University of Chicago
Based on everyday situations
Reviews concepts regularly
Problem solving
Includes lots of practice with basic skills
Explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic
Includes lots of practice with money

Unit 1: How we
organize ourselves
Unit 3: Who we are Unit 2: How the world
Rules and Laws
Central Idea:
Rules and laws are created
in order to allow groups of
people to function better.
What Do We Need?
Central Idea:
All children have the same
basic needs, but how those
needs are met may look very
Central Idea: Understanding
the way materials behave
and interact determines how
people use them.

Unit 4: How we express
Unit 5: Sharing the
Unit 6: Where we are
in place and time

Lets Celebrate
Central Idea:
People recognize important
events through celebrations
and traditions.
The Amazon Rainforest
Central Idea: The
rainforest is an environment
which supports human, plant,
and animal life, and is
affected by human behavior.

Personal Histories
Central Idea: Documenting
personal histories allows us
to reflect on and celebrate
who we are and where we
have come from.

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

A: Above grade-level expectations
B: Meets grade-level expectations
C: Below grade-level expectations
Speak in English
Raise Your Hand / Take Turns
Use Quiet Voices
Be Caring
Follow Directions the First Time
Use Things Correctly

When students have problems:
Time Out Away From Group
Meeting With Teacher / Principal During Playtime
Parent Contact: Email / Meeting
Birthdays are special events!

Invitations-Entire class only if passed out at school.
Give to teacher/assistant to distribute

School Parties (optional)
Snack 9:30 - 9:45
Schedule with the teacher in advance
Please bring in cupcakes, or other individual treat

1. Get a good nights rest & be on time!


3. Eat breakfast

4. Bring a water bottle to school

5. Bring your toothpaste and toothbrush

6. Label all clothing and belongings

7. Home Skills (things to be teaching at home):
Tying shoes (amarrar os tnis)
Cutlery skills ( cortar a comida)

Mr. Otto Neitzel Ms. Nivol Niemi


We are the Grade 1 team, and we work, plan and execute together.
Please feel free to discuss issues with either one of us.
How to contact us:
Email or scheduled meetings
When you drop your child off in the morning is not an acceptable time
How will we contact you?
Regular emails and class website
Site: http://g1pas.weebly.com/ (password: familyg1)


G1A Room Mother G1B Room Mother

Lets work together to have a great year.

Thank you for choosing Pan American School.