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Llniversity of Colorado Hospital


August 9,20L4
UXCEL Board Members
University of Colorado Hospital
12605 East L6th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045
To the UXCEL Board:
Please accept the following recommendation for Aurora Davis, RN, BSN, OCN in support of credentialing
toaLevel lllClinical RegisteredNurseattheUniversityofColoradoHospital. Overthelastyearand
seven months, I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Aurora on the Oncology and Bone
Marrow Transplant Unit at UCH. lt is with ultimate confidence I assure you Aurora embodies a
remarkably unique blend of leadership abilities, clinical expertise, and mentoring skills exemplary of the
level of nursing excellence our institution aspires to.
As a new graduate nurse in August of 2Ot1-,1 transferred to my current unit after my first year and a half
as a nurse; during this transition my first encounter with Aurora was as her preceptee. Becoming an
oncology/bone marrow transplant nurse at UCH was my ultimate goal as I embarked upon my path
towards the nursing profession and without question, I could not have hand-picked a better preceptor
than Aurora. Within one shift, it was apparent Aurora carried a strong sense of commitment and
responsibility for educating nurses on her unit. From the first moment you meet Aurora, she acts to
share her knowledge with you; every encounter, task, assessment, etc. are teaching opportunities to her
and she utilizes them effectively.
Moreover, Aurora not only challenges nurses of all experience levels to critically think through their
every action, she also provides
timely, clear, and specific feedback with an incredibly supportive
demeanor. Consequently, Aurora has become a trusted resource for not
nurses on our unit, but
those of all disciplines and functions; those around her know they will receive valuable input, well-
researched answers, and appropriate guidance.
As the profession of nursing demands a relentless commitment to lifelong learning, there is not a more
perfect example of this than Aurora Davis. Whether at the bedside or in charge, Aurora is always found
striving to strengthen her own knowledge; seeking opportunities spanning beyond her exposure,
researching evidence-based practice, and partnering with clinical experts around her. lt comes as no
surprise, her peers granted
Aurora the Taber's Medical Dictionary Award in admiration of both her
clinical knowledge and understanding of our institution's culture, processes, and goals.
Furthermore, while Aurora's dedication to clinical excellence is well respected by many, it is her
commitment to patient education and experience, employee satisfaction, and teamwork that make her
0ncologylBlood and Marrow Transplant Unit
Phone:720-848-4215. Fax:120-848-4748
Llniversity of Colorado Hospital
a true leader. When Aurora serves as relief charge, there is an unspoken sense of confidence and trust
on the unit as her peers know she will give her every effort to ensure they are supported and
exceptional patient expoietide'fstlEfivered. Aurora's peers appreciate the poise and receptiveness she
demonstrates; for this reason, she was selected to Co-Chair our hospital-wide Pain Champions of
Change Committee.
Lastly, beyond the numerous assets Aurora provides to the University of Colorado Hospital, her peers,
and our beloved patients, I invite you to consider the most impressive element of Aurora: her character.
Upon reviewing her credentialing portfolio, you will find Aurora parallels her life as a nurse to the most
profound life experiences a woman could have: motherhood. One could not find a more poignant way
to describe the love Aurora has for her role as nurse; each day she wears a stethoscope around her
neck, she exudes passion for her profession, gratitude for the experiences and opportunities granted to
her, and pride for her institution.
I am exceptionally proud to claim Aurora as my nursing peer, mentor, and leader. ln promoting Aurora
to a Level lll Clinical Registered Nurse, not only will she continue to flourish as a nursing professional at
the University of Colorado Hospital, but she will provide a tremendous role model for all of its members
to emulate.
u for your consideration.
Bone Marrow Transplant
Co-Chair, Staff Nurse Council
0ncologylBlood and Marrow Transplant Unit
AnschutzlnpatientPavilion .
Phone:720-848-4215. Fax120-848-4748