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Glue this page onto the first page of your Dialectical Journal.

Complete the Thinking

Question(s) on the second page. Start your Journal on page 3.
Animal Farm
BEFORE you start reading
Anticipati on Guide: Circle one response for each of the following
AGREE DISAGREE 1. All people are created equal.
AGREE DISAGREE 2. Society would be improved if everyone earned
equally, and wealth was distributed equally.
AGREE DISAGREE 3. We should tax those who earn more according to
their ability, and distribute wealth evenly to others
according to their need.
AGREE DISAGREE 4. Talented, intelligent and ambitious people are the
most qualified leaders because they know best what
people need.
AGREE DISAGREE 5. Those who are less intelligent or average should
yield to the authority of qualified leaders.
AGREE DISAGREE 6. Average people do not always know what is in their
own best interest.
AGREE DISAGREE 7. I can trust those in positions of authority (such as
parents, teachers, principals, and politicians) to make
decisions in my best interest.
Thinking Questions: Please respond on the second page of your dialectical
journal. Fill an entire pagewhich means writing a little about all OR a lot about
a few of these questions.
8. Is the human race glorious or shameful?
9. Can human beings improve their lot in life by revolution?
10. Is revolution merely the replacing of one set of masters for another?
11. Is it possible to have a society where nobody is poor?
12. Is it possible to have a society where nobody has the power to tell anybody else
what to do or think or feel? Is this idea, in your opinion, foolish, wise, idealistic?
13. Do you believe that all revolutions are failures?
14. Do all people who are in power deceive the masses and abuse their power?
15. If human nature is fundamentally aggressive and self-centered is there much hope
for change?