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405 West Walnut Street, Mount Vernon, O!o 44"04 # $4%"& '0%(540" # erea)an*005+,aoo.-o.
Objective To o/ta!n a 0os!t!on !n a 0u/l!- l!/rar, sett!n). 1o-use2 on e3ual a--ess an2 -o..!tte2 to 0ro.ot!n)
l!4elon) learn!n) an2 0la,.
Education Masters in Library and Information Science: K-12 Library Media $Au)ust *0%%(Au)ust *0%5&
6ent State 7n!8ers!t,, 6ent, O!o 44*4*
9u.ulat!8e G:A; 5.<5
Bacheors of Science in Education: Moderate to Intensive Intervention Services $Au)ust *005(
Ma, *00"& Bo=l!n) Green State 7n!8ers!t,, Bo=l!n) Green, O!o 45405
9u.ulat!8e G:A; 5.'%
G:A !n E2u-at!on; 5.<'
Licenses and
Intervention S"eciaist #K-12$ Moderate%Intensive 5 >ear :ro4ess!onal L!-ense 4ro. te State o4
O!o ?e0art.ent o4 E2u-at!on.
Val!2 4ro. @ul, *0%0 to @ul, *0%5
&ra'is Library Media E'am :asse2 O-to/er *0%5
Librarian &racticum $?e-e./er *0%*( Ma, *0%5& Nort.or S-ool ?!str!-t, Gal!on, O!o 44A55
Ass!ste2 stu2ents !n 4!n2!n) l!/rar, .ater!als an2 us!n) te -atalo)
9e-Be2 !n, -e-Be2 out an2 rene=e2 l!/rar, .ater!als us!n) S!rs!?,n!C trou) In4O!o
Re0a!re2 an2 -leane2 2a.a)e2 /ooBs
9olle-te2 an2 anal,De2 stat!st!-s on 0ro)ra. 2ata an2 usa)e us!n) S!rs!?,n!C !n -onEun-t!on
=!t In4O!o
Lo-ate2 0r!nt an2 onl!ne .ater!als 4or stu2ents -o.0let!n) resear- 0roEe-ts
Re-e!8e2 an2 0ro-esse2 o8er 500 ne= a-3u!s!t!ons 4or te l!/rar, to su00ort te ne=
9o..on 9ore Stan2ar2s
Muti"e *isabiities Intervention S"eciaist $Au)ust *00"( @une *0%5& 9lear 1orB H!) S-ool,
Bell8!lle, O!o 44A%5
:lanne2 an2 tau)t te.at!- un!ts 4o-us!n) on 4un-t!onal a-a2e.!-s
9olla/orate2 =!t 0ara0ro4ess!onals, 0arents, an2 tea-ers to .eet stu2ent nee2s
Mentore2 a 4!rst ,ear Res!2ent E2u-ator an2 su0er8!se2 an2 o/ser8e2 7n!8ers!t, stu2ents
?!str!-t a00o!nte2 se-on2 rater 4or te Alternate Assess.ent
Student +eachin, !n a .ult!0le 2!sa/!l!t!es -lassroo. $@anuar, *00"(Ma, *00"& Nort Balt!.ore
H!) S-ool, Nort Balt!.ore, O!o 45A<*
Ass!ste2 !n laun-!n) a ne= -o..un!t, =orB 0ro)ra. 4or stu2ents
Re8!e=e2 In2!8!2ual!De2 E2u-at!on :lans an2 Alternate Assess.ents
Lo,istics +eam Member $@une *00A(Au)ust *00A& Tar)et, 1a!r8!e= :arB, O!o, 44%*'
Or)an!De2 !te.s to /u!l2 an2 sto-B sel8es
-rou" Leader #@une *00<(@ul, *00<& 9>O Ra!n/o= 9a.0, 9le8elan2, O!o 44%%5
9oor2!nate2 a-t!8!t!es 4or 4!8e(,ear(ol2 -a.0ers =!t a 8ar!et, o4 2!44erent nee2s
Su0er8!se2 tree -a.0 -ounselors /, re8!e=!n) te!r 0lanne2 a-t!8!t!es
.outh !haen,e /ounteer $%"""(*00"& >out 9allen)e, WestlaBe, O!o 44%45
?onate2 .ore tan %*00 ours
9olla/orate2 =!t sta44 an2 0arents to .eet 0art!-!0antsF nee2s
Re-or2e2 an2 or)an!De2 2ata us!n) a -o.0uter 0ro)ra.
Atten2 =orBso0s, -on4eren-es relate2 to te-nolo), an2 s-ool l!/rar!es
TaBe a Grant =r!t!n) -lass
L!nB te 9o..on 9ore to 2es!)ner /oar2 )a.es