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Look what were learning!

August/September News

Cal endar I nf ormat i on

Cur c|ass doesn't go to |unch unt|| 12:1S each
day so we w||| have a qu|ck snack |n the
morn|ngs from 9 - 10:30. Ior Mrs. Dudeck
p|ease check your snack ca|endar. Ior Mrs. S|ms
and Ms. Su|||van p|ease send |n a "bu|k" snack
|tem by September 2
. I w||| |et you know when
these run out and we need more. Some
examp|es of snack m|ght be: pretze|s, go|df|sh,
crackers, cerea|s, an|ma| crackers, cook|es, etc.
?ou do noL need Lo send ln [ulce boxes, we have a
waLer founLaln ln Lhe classroom Lhey can use.

I mportant Dates
Monday August 25
day all kindergarteners attend school
Thursday August 28
Parent Night (kindergarten @5:00)
Monday September 1
No School
Wednesday September 10
Early Release (school is out at
Wednesday September 24
Early Release
Tyi ng i t al l together wi th Sci ence and Soci al Studi es
Sc|ence: uurlng Lhe flrsL few weeks of school we wlll be uslng our 3 senses Lo learn and explore our new envlronmenL. We wlll be dolng
some sclence experlmenLs and pro[ecLs Lo help ldenLlfy and make observaLlons wlLh our 3 senses.
Soc|a| Stud|es: We wlll be learnlng abouL our new frlends and school famlly, and also whaL lL means Lo be a good classroom clLlzen. We wlll
dlscuss why lL ls lmporLanL Lo have class and school rules.

We wlll be lnLegraLlng our readlng, wrlLlng, maLh , sclence and soclal sLudles LogeLher wlLh dally read alouds from speclally selecLed
chlldren's books. Some of Lhe books for Lhls monLh are: We Share LveryLhlng, 1he Crayon 8ox LhaL 1alked, 1he klsslng Pand, Chlcka Chlcka
8oom 8oom, Mrs. 8lndergarLen CeLs 8eady for klndergarLen, 1he llrsL day of klndergarLen, l Llke School, and Mmm Cookles.

Parent Checkl i st
At the end of the month, p|ease p|ace a or N next to each |tem ||sted be|ow.
1h|s |s a good means for me to he|p you see the ways |n wh|ch you can he|p
your ch||d and a|so acknow|edge how much they are |earn|ng. |ease s|gn at
the bottom on the g|ven date.
Can your ch||d:
Write their name?____
Distinguish between capital and lowercase letters?_____
Distinguish the difference between a letter and a word?_____
Name the letters in their name? _____
Identify rhyming words? _____
Count syllables in word? ______
Answer questions about a story read to them? ____
Identify who the character is in a story? _____
Identify the setting of a story read to them? ___
Sequence a story after read to them? ______
Read and write the sight words: I, am, the, little _______
Draw a picture and then describe it to you? _____
Accurately touch and count a set of objects up to 10? ____

Parent Signature September
Da||y Ca|endar math sk|||s.
Creat|ng, sort|ng, |abe||ng and
|dent|fy|ng quant|t|es of ob[ects.
Wr|t|ng numbers.
Draw|ng sets of ob[ects.
Mak|ng shape and co|or patterns.

Readi ng and Wri ti ng
hon|cs: ldenLlfylng leLLers and sounds. WrlLlng, produclng, and maLchlng
leLLers and sounds. MaLchlng leLLers Lo plcLures LhaL begln wlLh lLs sound.
honem|c Awareness: MaLchlng plcLures lnlLlal sound wlLh Lhelr correspondlng
leLLer. MaLchlng rhymlng word Lhrough songs and games. 8ecognlzlng and
counLlng syllables ln words.
I|uency: (slghL words) l, am, Lhe, llLLle
Comprehens|on: 8eLelllng and drawlng characLers from a book. 8eLelllng and
drawlng Lhe seLLlng from a book. Sequenclng a sLory LhaL was read aloud.
Wr|t|ng: urawlng plcLures and descrlblng Lhem for Lhe Leacher Lo wrlLe.
nandwr|t|ng: WrlLlng flrsL names wlLh all lowercase leLLers excepL Lhe flrsL leLLer, whlch
ls caplLallzed. racLlce leLLer formaLlon for leLLers. racLlce formlng numbers 1-3
correcLly on llned paper.

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