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Aerodynamic Drag

What is drag?
Various Kinds of Drag
Induced or Vortex
Drag or Drag due
to Lift
The result of the tip vortices downstream of a finite aspect ratio wing.
Parasite Drag The drag not directly associated with the production of lift.
Skin Friction Drag The result of viscous shearing forces over the wetted surface area of a body.
Form or Pressure
The integrated effect of the static pressure acting normal to the surface of a body
resolved in the direction of the flow.
Interference Drag
The increment in drag resulting from bringing 2 bodies in the proximity of each other. For example, the total drag
of the wing - fuselage combination is usually greater than the sum of the wing drag and the fuselage drag
independent of each other.
Trim Drag
The increment in drag resulting from the aerodynamic forces required to trim the plane about its center of gravity.
It usually takes the form of added induced and form drag on the horizontal tail.
Profile Drag The sum of the skin friction + the form drag of a 2-D airfoil
Cooling Drag
Results from the momentum loss of the air that passes through the engine for the purposes of cooling the engine,
oil, and accessories.
Base Drag The specific contribution to the pressure drag attributed to the blunt after - end of a body.
Wave Drag
Present only in supersonic flow, it is a pressure drag resulting from the difference of static pressure forces on either
side of a shock wave forming on the surface of a body.