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Hon Bio

Syllabus 2013 2014

Biology I
Ms. Magnusson Fall 2014

(863) 648-3566

2 - 3 ring binder, or folder with pockets
composition book
colored pencils

Welcome to Biology! Upon completion of the course, students should have a strong
foundation in basic biology. There are two components of the course: lecture and
laboratory. Laboratory experiments will be used to illustrate the topics discussed
during lectures.

We will be covering:
UNIT 1: The Nature of Science
UNIT 2: Ecology
UNIT 3: Cells
UNIT 4: Genetics
UNIT 5: Evolution
UNIT 6: From Microorganisms to Plants
UNIT 7: Animals
UNIT 8: The Human Body

Be on time.
Be prepared for all labs, read and follow Laboratory procedures.
Drinks and gum are ok in the classroom. You are responsible for cleaning up after
yourself! If this rule is abused the privilege will be revoked.
Listen to and follow instructions the first time they are given.

This is a comprehensive course; each item builds on the next; missing several classes
in a row may result in a lot of make-up work and a feeling of being completely lost. I
will follow the county policy for absent work.

If you are in the choice room, any assignments due that day are due by 2:00
pm in room 2218 or 10% will be deducted from the final grade.

Students will be permitted to make up any assignments, quizzes, etc. for
three unexcused absences per semester, after which assignments will not be
given a score.

Hon Bio
Syllabus 2013 2014
Since I am prepared and ready to start class promptly, I expect the same from you.
Please do not be late. I will follow George Jenkinss tardy policy. You will be allowed
one tardy assignment each quarter, after that no tardy work will be graded.

For each class you are in attendance you will begin the class with five points. If you
are off task, sleeping or otherwise not engaged in the class, one point will be deducted
for each instance. On each assignment, please include the following information in the
upper right hand corner of your paper, if not, five points will be deducted from
your score.
Last name, First Name
Period number

Please be prepared to take notes daily. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced;
tests will be scheduled several days in advance, dates may change depending on your
classs need. You will construct and keep a yearlong study guide for major tests in a
composition book; this book should be in class daily. You will need to be organized and
keep everything in your notebook so that you will be prepared for the comprehensive
midterms and final. We will be taking notes, completing classroom activities and
demonstrations, and at least one project or formal lab write-up each nine weeks.

You will need a 2- 3 ring binder for lecture notes, handouts, and lab reports. Your
notes should start the first day of our class.

The laboratory comprises the second component of this course. Laboratory
experiments will be used to illustrate the topics discussed during lectures. A one page
single spaced essay dealing with the topic of the lab will be assigned if you are unable
to participate in the lab due to lack of shoes; this is your participation grade. You will
need to complete this by the next class period for full credit. Data will be given to you
so that you may complete the lab write up.

I have a website for my classes where you can access what we have covered in class
and any class assignments. Its http://magnussonsclasses.weebly.com.