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Ashley Sere

Professor Ribeiro (F, 2-5)

College 1
29 August, 2014
Jam Reflection
Before participating in Math Jam and signing up for XL Pathways, I was nervous about
how difficult college courses were, if I was able to connect with people, and how the experiences
were if I joined a program/activity in college. However, as I continued attending meetings for
Pathways, I started getting interested in the activities we would be doing during Math Jam and
the future activities provided in college. Were we only going to learn skills and tips for math for
8 hours? The experiences I have made during Math Jam will not be forgotten. Math Jam helped
me become more familiarize with what is to be expected during college. I also had the
opportunity to meet tutors and coaches from The Teachers and Learning Center, as well as
meeting peers who had similar feelings as I did. Math Jam changed my perspectives about
college provided me resources and chances to meet people beneficial to my path to success.
My Math Jam experience has influenced my perspectives and motivation in college. My
Math tutor during Math Jam was Rachael Lee, and she helped me and the students in our group
prepare for our math courses through rigorous but entertaining activities. She also got us to
connect with each other through ice-breaker games and interactive activities, which helped me to
understand the students in my group a lot more. During Math Jam, it also changed some of my
perspectives about college. It influenced me to think more outside of my comfort zone and to not
let fear play a big part into my work ethics. One of the conversations I had with a student in my
group was about the different colleges we applied to back in high school. He asked me why I had
wanted to go to a community college. My first reaction was that it would be a lot cheaper than if
I were to finish my lower-division classes at a university. I later told him that I also wanted to go
to college in general because I thought it would help me get to know myself a little more and
what I wanted to do in the future. Before Math Jam, I did not think that I would be able to talk to
people as much as I would in high school. It showed me that college and high school
differentiates hugely with respects to peoples maturity.
I learned a lot in Math Jam, particularly in my goals. The tutors, coaches, and peers that I
have met were very beneficial to me because they taught me how to express myself more. For
example, my math tutor talked to me about classes in college. She told me that I should not pick
a class just solely based on my major, but also courses that are beneficial to my career goals and
my self-interest. Some of the coaches also taught us the difference between high school and
college. She talked about the differences in freedom and discipline. She taught us that college
was a choice and as college students, should take responsibilities for our actions. She also talked
about The Teaching and Learning Center located at V-102, a room where we can ask coaches for
guidance and advice. It is also a place opened for students who need a place to study or aspire.
I plan to use these resources to the fullest because it is a privilege given to those in
Pathways. It can also be very beneficial to me, especially during midterms and finals week. I can
use the resources, such as the computer provided, during my breaks between classes. The
community at Pasadena College will benefit me with respects to how I study, where I can study,
and who can guide me as I study. Nevertheless, before Math Jam, I was unsure where I can ask
my concerned questions other than the counselors office. Knowing that I have the resources and
the support staff in this program helps me become more motivated to work harder in college and
to pursue my dreams of achieving my career goals.