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2003, Fall Kolbell, Eric What Jesus Meant: The Beatitudes and a Meaningful Life
2004, Fall Kushner, Harold The Lord is My Shepherd
2004, Fall Paels, Elaine Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
2004, !"rin Movie: The Passion of Christ
2004, !"rin Price Re#nolds Serious Way of Wondering: The !thics of Jesus "magined
200$, Fall %ur&is, %' (ichael #aith Stories
200$, !"rin %o), Har*e# When Jesus Came to $arvard: Ma%ing Moral Choices Today
200+, Fall
200,, Fall #ilm: "nvisi&le Children of 'ganda( led &y my Thurmond
200,, Fall Ha--ond, (arie Balm in Gilead
200,, Fall Study of 'MC Social Principles led &y )orma Mitchell
200,, Fall Hudson, Tre*or Mile in My Shoes: Cultivating Compassion
200,, !"rin Edar, Bob Middle Church
200,, !"rin %ollins, Francis The Language of God
200,, !"rin %onder, Ti- The Church in Transition
200., Fall !hor&, Rober& The Para&les of *r+ Seuss ,$o- the Grinch Stole Christmas.
200., Fall /o-es, Pe&er
The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus: What/s So Good &out the
Good )e-s
200., Fall (aclean, 0or-an 0iver 0uns Throuh "t
200., !"rin 1allis and Holl#da# Cloud of Witnesses
200., !"rin 0ou2en, Henri The 0eturn of the Prodigal Son
2003, Fall
2003, !"rin Fo), E--e& The Sermon on the Mount
2040, Fall His, 5i6 %ur&is Bad Girls of the Bi&le and What We Can Learn from Them
2040, !"rin Ke&chin, !usan
The Christ1$aunted Landscape: #aith and *ou&t in Southern
2044, Fall (c5aren, Brian D' )e- 2ind of Christianity
2044, !"rin #ilm: 3 Brother( Where rt Thou4
2044, !"rin
2042, Fall 7en8ins, Phili"
Jesus Wars: $o- #our Patriarchs( Three 5ueens( and T-o
2042, !"rin 9ales8i, Phili" The Best Spiritual Writing of 7899
2043, Fall
9ales8i, P' and
:ance#, P eds' Best Spiritual Writing of 7897
2043, !"rin %ooan, (ichael God and Se:: What the Bi&le 0eally Says
2043, !"rin Keller, 7ac8, Ed' Poverty: Mission Study
2044, Fall Aslan, Re6a ;ealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of )a<areth
2044, !"rin 1ilis, /arr# What Paul Meant
2044, Fall Ehr-an, Bar& $o- Jesus Became God
Ar-s&ron, Karen "slam
Benne&, 7' /' What re We Living #or4
Buc8le#, 1illia- )earer My God: n uto&iography of #aith
%ar&er, !&e"hen The Culture of *is&elief
%ur&is, %' (ichael God: Stories
Ehr-an, Bar& Jesus "nterrupted
Erh-an, Bar& Mis=uoting Jesus
Feiler, Bruce merica>s Prophet: $o- the Story of Moses Shaped merica
Feiler, Bruce &raham: Journey to the $eart of Three #aiths
/rieber, Da*id
The Carpenter and the 'n&uilder: Stories for the Spiritual
Ha-il&on, Ada-
Confronting the Controversies: Bi&lich Perspectives on Tough
Har"er, /eore
5ea 7r' Living -ith *ying
Harries, Richard God: 3utside the Bo:
7o#ner, Bel&on Being Methodist in the Bi&le Belt
Kirsch, 7ona&han The $arlot &y the Side of the 0oad
(aclean,0or-an 0iver 0uns Through "t
(iles, 7ac8 Christ: Crisis in the Life of God
(iles, 7ac8 God: Biography
0uland, !her2in $o- We *ie
Pec8, (' !co&& #arther long the 0oad Less Traveled
Pi"her, (ar# 0eviving 3phelia: Saving the Selves of dolescent Girls
Price, Re#nolds Three Gospels
!"on, 7ohn !helb# Why Christianity Must Change or *ie
!"on, 7ohn !helb# 0escuing the Bi&le from Christianity
!"on, 7ohn !helb# The !aster Moment
Thurs&on, Bonnie Women in the )e- Testament
1illa-on, 1illia- Who Will Be Saved4