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A Call From the Internal Revenue Service

By Elton Camp
(For readers outside the USA, this is an active scam. A criminal caller spoofs the
IRS on the Caller I, !ives his name and "o!us "ad!e num"er, may even have the
last four di!its of the Social Security num"er, and threatens arrest unless the #ta$
due% is paid ri!ht then and there &ith a credit card. 'his is a humor &rite on the
About the scam call Id been alerted
This is the IRS, Agent Moe asserted
Phone Caller ID showed the same
The dreaded ta agenc! it did name
"is badge number the scamster su##lied
M! $ailure to #a! taes he began to deride
Ten thousand buc%s !ou owe&
Pa! u# toda! or to 'ail !oull go&
Police will #ound on !our door&
(our shame$ul $ate !oull abhor)
Pro*ide !our credit card right now&
Ma!be I can sto# them, somehow&
+ith the scammer, I decided to #la!
,or I had in mind 'ust what Id sa!
Im so glad to recei*e !our call&
I didnt %now what Id do at all&
-an%ru#tc! I 'ust had to declare&
Ill be glad to be #laced in there&
.ail will #ro*ide m! e*er! need&
Clothing, medical care and $eed&
/o more utilit! bills must I #a!&
I ho#e the #olice arri*e right awa!&
Ill get sham#oo and a toothbrush&
Please tell them Im in a big rush&
-eing caught as an income ta thie$
Is going to bring me so much relie$&
Than% !ou $or calling, Agent Moe&
In onl! minutes, Ill be read! to go)
I then heard a clic% and a dial tone
The go*ernment agent was gone
*illions of dollars have "een stolen
"y means of this convincin! scam