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MUSC258: Popular Song: Words and Music

Assignment 1: Contribution to class discussion 1 x 20%
Students are required to contribute to ONE class discussion on specified topics in Weeks 3,
4, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 11.

The contribution will consist of presenting a song or poem that demonstrates or contributes
to the discussion topic and the reading supplied for that week. There will be a maximum of 5
contributors for each topic.

A script of the presentation must be submitted via LEO prior to the presentation.

You should:
1. Present your song or poem which may be performed live or in any pre-recorded
version. If the song or poem is more than 3 minutes long, please choose a relevant
excerpt for demonstration of the topic.
4 marks (This mark includes the appropriateness of the song in relation to the chosen

You must submit a script that responds to the following: 4 marks each

2. Explain why you think your chosen song or poem demonstrates or contributes to the
discussion topic and the reading(s) supplied for that week. 100 words*

3. Put the song or poem into context genre, history, musical characteristics,
performers, fans. 300 words

4. Discuss the meaning of the lyrics (please have a copy of the lyrics available). Identify
any poetic or lyrical devices that impact on the song. 200 words

5. Discuss the impact of the musical setting of the song. How do the musical elements
enhance or perhaps detract from the meaning of the song?
If you have chosen a poem, comment on the inner musicality of the writing rhythm,
rhyming, meter, form, tone colour, dynamics. 200 words

*All word limits are approximate