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Purpose of the document

This document illustrates a process to clone an Oracle database using hot backup
. The following sections are covered in this document
Cloning process
2. Document Usage
This document can be useful for any Oracle DBA for cloning an Oracle database. G
enerally cloning databases with the help of source database hot backup is a stan
dard process to effectively and efficiently create a replica of the source datab
ase. The process illustrated in this document can be used by any DBA who wants t
o create a replica of an Oracle database with the help of hot backup and the ass
ociated archive logs.
3. Overview of the Procedure
3.1 Introduction
Cloning database is one of the routine DBA activities. Any DBA who administers v
arious environments and is supporting the application development team for datab
ase activities has to periodically synchronize the acceptance/testing/developmen
t with the Production data.
This frequency of synchronization depends upon the business and application deve
lopment teams requirements. Generally this process can be done with the below me
ntioned procedures
1) EXPORT/IMPORT utilities
3) Cold Backup Restoration
4) Hot Backup Recovery
Each of the above mentioned process has got its own pros and cons. To state a fe
w vital reasons why Hot backup recovery process is chosen widely
a) You can recover to the most recent time period.
b) Doesnt require outage of the source database
c) Requires less time compared to the other process
d) Best method for large databases
3.2 Environments
1. Primary or the Source database system
2. Secondary or the Target database system
3.3 Assumption
Primary database operated in ARCHIVELOG mode.
Secondary database to be created by cloning in a different server
Primary and Secondary environment Operating system are same.