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Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, and is bordered by the Atlantic
Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. I never thought I would have the
occasion to visit it, but thanks to Comenius I did it.
I stayed there for a few days in an average family of a great girl. I went to her school, met
her friends and teachers and I saw what a normal week means to her.
In the family I was encountered with open arms. Everybody was friendly and even if they
couldnt speak English they tried to communicate with me. This way I learnt a few words in
Portuguese. Everyday I tasted something new from their cuisine and some new kinds of fish
which I loved.
Speaking with her friends and other people from school, I realized that I had to be
thankful to my school system. There the students have to stay in school from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
I think that its too much. But they are used to staying that much and then go home and have
dinner with the family.
In the Comenius programme we visited the important sights in the area. Thats how I saw
the beautiful ocean. It was a pity we couldnt swim because of the windy and cold weather
there were around 10 degrees Celsius and the wind was blowing strongly! I never thought the
weather could be like that in Portugal in the month of May.
Visiting the sights I learnt about their history, traditions and customs. The traditional
music is beautiful but I couldnt follow the dance as it is very quick and like jumping. And the
castles and the monasteries that Id seen were full of great history!
Im glad that I had the opportunity to visit Portugal. I really hope one day I will go back
to visit all the good Comenius friends I made there.

My name is Bogdan and I attended the second Comenius project meeting in Portugal.
During the time I spent there I learned a lot of new things, such as different cultures of other
countries, I saw how school in Portugal is comparing to our school and I made a lot of new
friends. It was also a good occasion to improve my English during my stay there because I had to
speak only English with my host and the other people from the project.
Portugal is a very beautiful country. The Portuguese culture is very complex with a high
religiosity, and the people are very sociable and friendly. After the first meeting which was held
in Romania, I couldnt wait to meet my guest again and spend the time together with him and the
other Comenius people. Povoa de Lahnoso, where the school is located, is very nice with
different sights and places of entertainment, with a very nice town hall, and friendly people.
This meeting was very beneficial for me because I learned a lot of new things about
Portugal and its culture, I improved my English a lot, I met a lot of people, and I had a good
Bodgan ROAN

Portugal is a marvelous country, with nice people who always want to help you if you
need a hand. Our Portuguese partners were excellent hosts, and we tried to be good guests.
I really enjoyed staying in Portugal as all the people were very kind. We enjoyed our time
together and felt very comfortable. The people arent selfish at all as they would give you
everything you need just to feel good in their country. The people like things to be clean: the
city, the streets, the shops and their houses -everything.
Portuguese people are very funny and they like to party a lot. Everyday they woke up
finding a smile on their faces and it was the same all along the day until they went to sleep. They
are also very united when it comes to any kind of difficulty.
Portugal is the most beautiful country Ive ever visited, and I definitely want to go back
one day to meet my friends and to learn more about their culture.

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