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103 Project Bizarre, a sub-project of PANDORA

p. 109 The 1965 Moscow Embassy radiation story
P. 112 project summary
p. 112 DARPA info from 1965
p. 193 deck crew of USS Saratoga used as guinea pigs in 1979.
p. 197
"It was anticipated that sailors working on the night Deck would receive more
exposure than sailors working below deck (specifically, the Hangar Deck). Though

differing in exposure, these two groups are relatively equivalent in terms of wo
loads and work schedules, and could he made equivalent on a number of background

variables such as age, education, and general ability.
Lookouts at the 09 Deck IBvel were considered to be highly exposed. . . . "
p. 236
Review of "Big Boy":
Purpose: Elucidate effects on man of microwave radiation (radar) by comparing sh
ip's crew groups,:apparently exposed to radiation to groups protected from radia
tion (below deck and remote stations).
Studies on USS Saratoga in two stages (i) dock side in preparation for shakedown
and (ii) shakedown, i.e., underway and operational.
p. 264 monkey microwave experiment findings
p. 310 Lots of studies listed. Participating hospitals listed.
p. 353 Men subjected to radar exposure had many more kids born with Down's Synd
p.393 Microwave effects on nervous system
p. 436 Microwave effects on heart rate
p. 449 UFOs, Roswell, secret breifing for President Eisenhower, operation Majes
tic (Majic-12)