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Number of Respondents: 100

Location: UE – Recto, Manila

Age: 13-15, 16-18, 19-21, 22-24

Gender: Male and Female

Status: Students

Purchasing Capability (According to the student’s allowance):

50-100, 101-150, 151-200, 200 and up


The first thing that comes to the costumer’s mind when they hear the brand name

Burgers 19

French Fries 17

Fried Chicken 11

McFloat 18

Sundae’s 2

Others: (Love Ko 33
To’, Golden
Arches “M”,

• 33 out of 100 respondents said that McDonalds has been recognized through
its brand Identifiers like its tagline, the icon “Ronald Mcdonald” and its
trademark Golden Arches or Letter “M”.

The favorite products of McDonalds:

Burgers 22

French Fries 22

Fried Chicken 17

McFloat 21

Sundae 7

Others: 11

• 22 out of 100 respondents said that Products like variations of Burgers e.g
cheeseburger, Big Mac etc. and also French Fries were the most favorite
products of McDonalds.

The other domains and services that customer’s like at McDonalds:

Happy Meal 38

Drive-thru 17.5

Playhouse 3.5

Franchising 22

Parties/celebrations 9.5

McCafe 9.5

• 38 out of 100 respondents said that McDonalds Happy Meal (combinations of

different McDonalds Items with free Toys in every purchase) is the highest
possible domain for McDonalds.

The intangible affect of McDonalds to the customers (accord to its advertisement):

Friendship 30
Love 17.5

Family 12.5

Childhood 7

Quality service 33
(quickness etc.)

• 33 out of 100 respondents said that McDonalds made an impact for fast food
service with its values on Quality service rendered to the customers.