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2014-2015 Gui! "#$ S%u!&% Su''!((
I&(%$u'%#$) Mr. Kevn Be
R##*) 336
P+#&!) (512) 841-1982
E*,i-) kevn.be@austnsd.org
W!.(i%!) http://kevnbeart.weeby.com/
Tu%#$i&/ H#u$()Monday-Frday: 4:15-5:00
C#u$(! D!('$i0%i#&)
Students w earn observaton sks for drawng n ne and vaue wth an emphass on composton.
Students w aso be taught how ght and coor ahect both the artst and vewers percepton of a
sub|ect. Severa meda w be expored, ncudng penc, charcoa, cont crayon, paste, pen and nk
and watercoor. Sub|ects range from st fe to the human gure to andscape. Ths course w
chaenge the student at any eve of artstc abty. Ths course s a foundaton for a other courses and
s recommended to students pannng on takng mutpe art courses.
C#u$(! R,%i#&,-!)
The purpose of Drawng II s to provde each student wth an understandng of the dverse ways n whch
dherent cutures construct and represent ther reates. Through thematc examnaton of both
hstorca and contemporary art the student w acqure a vocabuary to descrbe forma propertes of
art, technques of art makng, and soca, psychoogca, sprtua, and physca uses of art. Ths cass
aso fus the Vsua and Performng Arts requrement of the Core Currcuum outne.
C#**#& C#u$(! O.1!'%i2!()
I. C#&%!&%)
Students w understand that there are many aspects of the study of art, ncudng aesthetcs,
art crtcsm, art hertage and art makng.
Student w understand that drawng s rst and foremost, an actvty whch nvoves earnng to
see and deveop observaton sks and second, a renement of drawng sks usng the hands
and art materas.
Students w understand that the makng of art may nvove many dherent technques and
many dherent materas, but drawng s a basc sk that w enhance ther abty to work n
other medums and technques.
Students w understand the meanng of the eements and prncpes of desgn and be abe to
appy ths understandng to the desgn, creaton and evauaton of artwork.
Students w earn to compose a page and probem sove usng hgher eve thnkng sks.
II. S#'i,-)
Students w be abe to work n a cooperatve and coaboratve manner wth other students,
other schoo omcas and the teacher.
Students w deveop an apprecaton of the work of others, and respect the workspace of others.
Students w deveop sef-esteem and maturty through the competon of assgnments and use
of equpment.
Students w compete assgnments accordng to content ob|ectves, demonstratng a postve
atttude, good craftsmanshp, and respect for toos and equpment.
C#u$(! S%u!&% L!,$&i&/ Ou%'#*!()
Upon competon of the course, students w be abe to:
Appy the basc vocabuary of form and desgn to descrbe and anayze dverse art forms.
Expan how forma and compostona propertes are used to create perceptua and
psychoogca ehects.
Identfy works of art by medum and technque; demonstrate understandng of technca
procedures n a varety of meda.
Crtcay assess the roe of art wthn ts cutura context.
Recognze and dentfy ma|or cutura styes and forms of art.
Wrte bref, but meanngfu forma anayses and nterpretatons of art works.
Anayze the psychoogca, soca, expressve, sprtua and/or physca uses of art.
*|Note: nstructor may outne specc ob|ectves and may ncude "ahectve student earnng outcomes" (behavora sks whch
hep the student foow drectons, meet deadnes, meet cass requrements and poces.etc.) For exampe, students w:
Demonstrate nterest n art apprecaton by reguar and punctua cass attendance, and Demonstrate apprecate of art by vstng
museums, art gaeres, and artsts studos. Demonstrate abty to foow assgnment nstructons as we as persstence n
stayng on task and competng assgnments n a tmey manner. Demonstrate the abty to toerate dverse vews. Demonstrate
the abty to prepare adequatey for examnatons. Demonstrate the abty to receve constructve crtcsm.|
S'+##- Wi! Ru-!()
A Austn Hgh Schoo and Dstrct rues appy, and w be observed n my cassroom. If the student
does not aready have one, obtan a copy of these rues from the omce. 3E4,*0-!( 5 NO C!-- P+#&!
u(! i& '-,((6 107 #8 !,'+ ,9 , 0$#1!'% i( -,%!6 !%'.:
E&%!$i&/ %+! C-,(($##*)
A students shoud enter the cassroom quety and be seated at ther ,((i/&! (!,%( before the be
rngs. Faure to foow the seatng chart may resut n a student beng accdentay marked
T,$9 P#-i'9;A.(!&'!()
*See Schoo Pocy n Handbook
3 Tardys = Saturday Schoo
*It s the responsbty of the student to et me know f he/she w be mssng schoo for an excused
absence so that the proper accommodatons can be made to ensure that the student stays on task wth
the rest of the cass. It s the responsbty of the students to ask for and make-up mssed work.
E40!'%,%i#&( ,& G$,i&/ P#-i'9)
Each sx weeks the students w be requred to successfuy turn n the foowng pro|ects/assgnments:
D,i-9 G$,!() W,$*-u0(6 S<!%'+.##< ,((i/&*!&%(6 A$% Hi(%#$9 S-i! I!&%i=',%i#&(;
A'%i2i%i!(6 C$i%i>u!(6 !%'. The sketchbooks w be provded to the student and w have
ampe space for requred sketchng, cass notes, sef-expresson, and cass assgnments.
Sketchbook assgnments ARE HO?EWOR@, however, as notes and pro|ect sketchng s done
n cass, I expect the students to AWAYS have ths wth them n cass, aong wth a penc and
eraser. As sketchbooks can be turned n at ANY pont durng the two week wndow, I # &#%
,''!0% -,%! (<!%'+.##< ,((i/&*!&%( 3u&-!(( %+! (%u!&% +,( ,& !4'u(! ,.(!&'!
"#$ %+! -,(% ,%!:. A-- A#$< *u(% .! "#u& i& %+! (<!%'+.##< %# .! /$,!. I want to
see your progress throughout the year!!
L#&/ T!$* A$% P$#1!'%() each sx weeks, students w compete 2-3 ong-term art pro|ects,
.e. an acryc pantng, a sef-portrat n pastes. The students w receve the foowng grades
for these assgnments.
O&! %# TA# day/on task grade(s) durng each pro|ect
O&! Pro|ect grade (na grade when competed - rubrcs wth gradng crtera are
gven at the begnnng of each assgnment)
F#$ !,'+ *,1#$ 3-#&/ %!$*: ,$% ,((i/&*!&% i& '-,((6 (%u!&%( Ai-- .! /i2!& '-!,$ %i*!-i&!(
$!/,$i&/ %+! &u*.!$ #" ,9( %+,% Ai-- .! (0!&% i& '-,(( A#$<i&/ #& %+! ,((i/&*!&%6 ,( A!--
,( i%( =&,- u! ,%!. I ,* ,2,i-,.-! "#$ %u%#$i&/ A"%!$ S'+##- ?#&,9-F$i,9 u&%i- 5 ,&
B!"#$! S'+##- .9 R!>u!(%. The students are encouraged to utze ths tme to nsh/make up any
course work that coud not be competed n cass. If a student needs extra tme and cannot attend a
schedued makeup, he/she must contact me to arrange for an aternatve schedue. F#$ !,'+ ,9 %+,%
%+! 0$#1!'% i( 0,(% !,-i&!6 %+! (%u!&% Ai-- -#(! 10 P#i&%( #8 #" %+! =&,- %!(% /$,!.
?,%!$i,- ?,i&%!&,&'! ,& C-!,& U0) Suppes and toos are an essenta part of the art
room envronment and n order for a of the students to acheve success ths matera must be
mantaned. Any too that a student uses must be thoroughy ceaned and returned to ts
WARNINGS. I am very strct on ths ssue and msuse of materas w not be toerated.
Si4 W!!<( E4,*) A wrtten and performance exam w be gven durng each sx weeks to
test knowedge of specc art terms, art hstory, and technques.
Fi&,- Si4 W!!<( A2!$,/!)
507 P$#1!'% G$,! (2-3+ competed *,1#$ art pro|ects)
507 S+#$% T!$* G$,!( (Day Grades, Matera Mantenance and Cean-up, Sx Weeks
Exam, Partcpaton)