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I want to explain how cows make good milk.

This produce commences when cows give birth to a baby

calf. When the cow gives birth it can make milk for one year.
To produce milk cows need to eat a variety of grasses, bulky
fodder and food that is rich in protein and energy.
Digestion starts in the 1
stomach called the rumen
After this it burps up the food and re chews the cuds. It
chews it 40 to 60 times a minute. The 2
stomach called the
Following this the cuds go in the 3
stomach called the
omasum. The food is pressed together to remove all the
Then it goes to the 4
stomach called the abomasum, where
it is finally digested. It goes in the intents to get all the good
stuff taken out so the cows can make good milk.
The final result cow produces really good milk