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Welcome to the Painting class with Mrs.

Please contact by email lsordyl@troy.k12.mi.us -3r hour prep time
More information, videos, and images at http://sordylathenshighschool.weebly.com/

Prerequisites include Fundamentals of Art and Drawing Classes.
Please see me immediately if you have not taken these classes.

Dear Student,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back to the fine arts program. This is an excellent opportunity for
students to get an introduction to basic concepts for acquiring skills and techniques to learn the art of painting. Student
will have hands-on learning using tempera paint, watercolor paint, acrylic paint various brushes and learn several
techniques. Students will use problem solving to develop artworks and will be challenged in multiple ways to show
personal growth.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to
- Learn color theory and art concepts through the elements of art and principles of design
- Demonstrate various techniques and skills in painting
- Improve and develop critical thinking skills
- Explore paintings in society and history
-Explore and learn about painters in different art periods
- Create projects that yield individual creativity and personal interpretation

-acrylic paints if you prefer to paint with acrylics. We will only use them for small in class practices.
-brushes if you have a preference
- A 9 x 12 spiral bound sketchbook
-bring a pen and pencil to class and a vinyl or plastic eraser

Please be prepared and on time for class. If you are tardy or absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.
You will not earn credit for work that is assigned and/or due if you have an unexcused absence for that class
period. Unexcused absences will affect student effort grade in class. Student effort is a large percentage of most

-Be on time and prepared for class, have a positive attitude, follow school rules and policies, use all materials with care,
clean up after yourself, NO food or drink s in classroom without teacher approval, and be considerate to other students.
If classroom responsibilities are not followed the following may result:
Points deducted from your total points, student/teacher conference, parent contact and possible conference, detention,
referral to principal/administrative action

You will be given a rubric for your large projects when they are assigned. You will be aware of the criteria when the
project is assigned. I will grade most projects based on a standard grading scale of 100 points. Final exam project may be
above 100 points. A percentage of your project grade will be determined by your desire to learn, improve, effort, and your
respect of our shared art materials.
Participation and completion of Classwork This includes participation including any notes and in class assignments,
reading, handouts, group projects, and practice of skills.
Critiques Students are required to participate in critiques and assessments
Homework: Students are required to complete homework on time. Homework may include sketches, writing
assignments, evaluations, and critical thinking.
Quizzes on material learned in class.
My personal goal as a teacher is that each student is successful in my classroom. Students will need to
utilize class time and realize painting is a cerebral task where being focused in class is crucial for
success. Seeing students in this class have had past experience in Fundamentals of Art and Drawing
Class I expect students to know they will be challenged and will most likely need to spend time at home
working on some projects seeing this is a more advanced class offered in our art program. I am always
available to students that need additional help and support. Lunch time is also available to students to
work on projects with prior teacher approval. Only art students can use the art room at lunch time to
work on projects. I want all students to realize that the art of painting is a process that requires time and
practice and can often take many revisions to perfect. Sometimes we learn the most from our mistakes.
This is a class where students will learn about painting skills and how to use the elements and principals
of design to improve their compositions. Students will also learn about famous painters and art period as
an introduction to what they might learn in a college art history class. I will be open- minded to student
ideas but expect students to create images appropriate for school and quality images that show
dedicated time and work to their craft. The best way to contact me if you have any questions or concerns
is through email. Please give me 24 hours to respond to your emails.

I am looking for to teaching you.
~Mrs. Luba Sordyl
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Sign and return to Mrs. Sordyl by September 4th

Student Expectations
Students in this class will be expected to:
1. Come up with ORIGINAL ideas when this is part of the project objective. Too often we copy others work
and are not challenged enough to think and create something unique to who we are and what story we want
to tell through our artwork.
2. Be open to suggestions and critiques. Art is a sensitive subject but as your instructor it is my
responsibility to inspire and drive you to do your best work. There are always ways and details to add to
your work as a beginning painter to improve your work. Students will also be respectful when
participating in class critiques to help others learn and achieve, not to put others down.
3. Do not use phones or electronic devices in class for anything expect for research on art class projects,
unless music is allowed (see #5). Detention will be given to students on phones, playing games, texting,
etc. during class time.
4. If done with a project, before the due date, the student is expected to work on art practices in sketchbook
or explore different painters and artists from reading and observing books on art. Art class is not time to
work on homework for other subjects unless you receive permission from me concerning special
circumstances such as missing work in other classes due to illness or other documented reasons.
5. Fridays are music days where you will be allowed to listen to music while you work. If students are using
cell phones for more than playing music they will lose this privilege. Students should play music quietly on
head phones not to disturb others. If music is distracting student from work, they will lose this privilege.
6. Students should enter class and immediately have sketchbooks out and all supplies ready on desk. Students
will have 5 minutes for set-up time and 5 minutes for clean-up time. If student stops working and cleans-up
early points will be deducted from student effort grade.
7. Unexcused absences and tardiness will be considered when grading student effort on projects.
8. Excessive talking and being off task will also be considered when grading student effort on projects.
9. No food or drinks in classroom expect water with teacher permission.

I have read the following and know what my expectations as a student in the Painting Class

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