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As pressures increase Putin falls back on security services as decision-makers

As some had been predicting for months, as Putin feels the pressure from
external and internal forces as the Ukraine situation worsens, he expands the
powers given to the security services and sidelines top government officials
who are in charge, at least on paper.

From Russia media sources as published by Euromaidan Press, Sep 6, 2014:

FSB in power

The people currently closest to the President is the head of the FSB (Federal Security
Service) Alexander Bortnikov, 5 of his deputies and several department heads, says a
former high-ranking government official. Putin meets them almost every day, sometimes
the head of the Presidents administration Sergey Ivanov is invited, sometimes he is not.
Ivanov has turned into a yes-man, another government official describes the role of the
administrations head, he doesnt influence anything but always agrees with the president.
Another source when asked about the role of the Presidential administrations head in
decision-making, joins his thumb and index finger to form a zero. The FSB officials close to
the president are actually almost omnipotent and since summer have been preparing the
most important political decisions almost single-handedly.

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