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Client: MPN (FMS) Title: QA/QC AUDIT Contract No:

A!it No:
"#$%&#" (13-02)
Date: "-/#./"#$% A!itee: *IL INTE+'ATED SYSTEMS
Location: *IL FA* YA'D /
Qe3tion Co1)liance Co11ent3 / Fin!in43 / /53er6ation /
/57ecti6e E6i!ence Ye3 No
1.0 Paintin4 Proce!re (Doc No. & rev)
Very area of reference
Are documents used for painting activities approved; i.e. MS
!"# #rocedure etc; Verify samp$es of eac% document.
&.0 !s t%e copy of #ro'ect (ine (ist avai$a)$e to t%e #ainting
+.0 Verify t%at paint materia$s are in $ine ,it% M#N specifications
and re-uirements.
!ncoming inspection reports product )atc% ana$ysis (certificates
/ certificates of conformity).
0.0 Are )aint 1aterial3 )re3er6e! in accor!ance 8it9
1an2actrer3: 1anal/!ata 39eet3 /3)eci2ication3
/MSDS/MPN +lo5al Practice3;
1or e2amp$e. minimum storage temperature re-uirement;
i.e.+&34 in ,eat%erproof )ui$ding etc etc.
5.0 Are paint materia$s stored )y type* Are consuma)$es issued on
a 1!16 )asis (7# notes8 o$dest paint of eac% particu$ar type
s%a$$ )e used first).
9.0 Are unidentified paint materia$s stored on site or in stores*
:.0 Are measuring e-uipment .
#age 1 of 0
4a$i)rated or verified at specified interva$s or prior to use*
!dentified to ena)$e ca$i)ration and tracea)i$ity*
Are records of ca$i)ration resu$ts and verification
!s t%e e-uipment stored in secure area after eac% inspection*
;.0 Are personne$ conducting/performing painting operations
and/or ,or< activities e2perienced and -ua$ified*
Verify -ua$ification matri2
=.0 Are too$ )o2 meetings %e$d* Verify ,or< permit system >S?
induction for ne, %ires and ,or< procedures for ,or< ,it%in
confined space*
Are records <ept*
10.0 !s @$ast 4$eaning ?-uipment and its maintenance suita)$e to ac%ieve
product conformity*
Air compressor (verify mo)i$iAation certificates survey certs;
@$ast #ots air de$ivery %oses 6perators air mas< )reat%a)$e
air$ines 1i$ters & #o,er )rus%.
11.0 Verify evidence of re8)$asting if after )$asting painting is not carried
out on t%e same day due to unforeseen circumstances.
Verify records of suc% occurrence*
1&.0 >o, does personne$ invo$ved in painting activities verify t%at Air
4ompressor used for painting activities.
!s free from ,ater & oi$ and is e-uipped ,it% ade-uate separators
and traps*
!s contro$$ed to de$iver air temperature up to 11034*
1+.0 Are e-uipment used for measurement and testing ca$i)rated and t%at
t%e ca$i)ration records are avai$a)$e for e-uipment suc% as.
Surface #rofi$e 7auges
4ontact temperature gauge
>o$iday detector / D1" gauge / Ad%esion "ester
10.0 Verify t%at @$asting & #ainting documents used are t%e current
((ist app$ica)$e documents)
#age & of 0
In3)ection < Te3t Plan (ITP)
Verify document num)er and approva$ status of !"#.
15.0 !s t%ere a proper and documented Spoo$ Be$ease note or c%ec<$ist in
Verify t%at records of spoo$ re$ease notes are maintained.
19.0 Are specifications of paint materia$s used in accordance ,it% M#N /
pro'ect re-uirements*
@$asting 7rit materia$s
#aints / consuma)$es
19.0 !s painting tria$ test on samp$e p$ates carried out for eac% paint type
and for eac% manufacturer )rand*
1:.0 @$asting records
>o, is )$ast profi$e measured
C%at )$ast medium is used
1;.0 Are records of metro$ogica$ conditions re-uired )y t%e procedure /
paint manufacturer monitored and recorded*
Be$ative >umidity D ;5E
Stee$ surface temperature is +34 a)ove de, point
1=.0 Surface preparation. Fua$ity Be-uirements ac%ieved*
!s t%e minimum surface finis% grade of Sa &81/& )eing met* !s t%is
resu$t recorded to assure
$eve$ of surface c$ean$iness
correct materia$s (so$vents) used*
Pri1er A))lication
&0.0 Ceat%er / environmenta$ reports.
Verify t%at records of ,eat%er conditions at t%e time of primer coat
$ocation of item primed
Ade-uate cover (if re-uired); !s %eating app$ied or provided
Be$ative %umidity D ;5E
Stee$ surface temperature is +34 a)ove de, point
Verify records of t%e time interva$ from )$asting to primer coating
&1.0 #aint mi2ing ratio & pot $ife record
Verify t%at paint mi2ing ratio recommended )y t%e manufacturer are
#age + of 0
Detai$s of ratio and time; pot $ife
4orrect paint & t%inner
#age 0 of 0
&&.0 #rimer paint app$ication report/record.
Verify t%at t%e fo$$o,ing records are indicated
.met%od of app$ication;
C1" & D1" readings;
Stage of coating;
!nter8coat interva$
>o$iday test ad%esion test (if re-uired)
Inter1e!iate Coat A))lication
&+.0 Verify t%at records of ,eat%er conditions at t%e time of intermediate
paint coat app$ication
Be$ative %umidity D ;5E
Stee$ surface temperature is +34 a)ove de, point
&0.0 Verify t%at t%e app$ication of intermediate coating conforms to t%e
paint manufacturerGs minimum over8coating time
Final Coat A))lication
&5.0 Verify t%at records of ,eat%er conditions at t%e time of intermediate
paint coat app$ication
Be$ative %umidity D ;5E
Stee$ surface temperature is +34 a)ove de, point
&9.0 1ina$ painting report/record
Verify contro$ of painting records
Acceptance of reports (signing off)
&:.0 Verify t%at t%e app$ication of t%e fina$ paint conforms to paint
manufacturerGs minimum over coating time
&;.0 Verify t%at t%e fina$ paint t%ic<ness conform to t%e minimum and
ma2imum D1" re-uired )y t%e specification / manufacturer
&=.0 Verify t%at paint ad%esion test resu$ts meet t%e re-uirements
+0.0 #aint Becords / Documentation
Are reports of )$asting and painting avai$a)$e tracea)$e and
+1.0 N4B 4$ose 6ut
Verify t%e effectiveness of t%e corrective and preventive actions of
N4BsG issued )y M#N particu$ar$y on
#oor paint app$ication
Si4natre AUDIT/': AUDITEE:
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