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1. Which is the First Bank in India ?

Answer: Bank of Hindustan

2. Which is the first Bank managed by Indians ?
Answer: Oudh Commercial Bank

3. Which is the first bank started with Indian capital (Indian owned bank) ?
Answer: Punjab National Bank

4. Which is the first foreign Bank in India ?
Answer: Chartered Bank

5. Which is the first bank to get ISO certificate ?
Answer: Canara Bank

6. Which is the first bank in India to start its branches outside India ?
Answer: Bank of India

7. Which is the first bank in India to introduce ATM ?
Answer: H.S.B.C bank

8. Which is the oldest public bank in India ?
Answer: Allahabad Bank

9. Which is the paper used for making Indian currency ?
Answer: Rag

10. The currency of IMF is known as ?
Answer: SDR ( Special Drawing Rights )

11. Which is known as Artificial currency or Paper Gold ?
Answer: SDR

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