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North Koreas health and security

despite north Koreas poor living condition s they have almost no
North Koreas army might seem tough but its actually rusting away
because of the amount of people dying and the lack of recruiting.
Life span
The average life span for North Koreans is 69.5 because of all the
poor living conditions.
Is North Korea safe?
North is safe for safe tourists and it is a very safe country to visit.
Clean water source
98.1% of the population has access to clean water.
100% of the population over 15 can read and write.
Infant mortality rate
Total: 24.5 out of 1000 will die at birth.
Male: 27.18 out of 1000 will die at birth.
Female: 21.68 out of 1000 will die at birth.
Sanitation facilities
81.8% of the population will have access to a sanitation facility.