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It is expected that students will

Support the development of attitudes, skills, and knowledge essential for an
understanding of science
Have a basic understanding of the characteristics, needs, and interdependence of cells,
tissues, organs, and organ systems
Have a basic understanding of forces and the properties of waves, light, and fluids
Understand the properties of water and its effect on the biosphere and surface of the
Life Science Cells and Systems
!hysical Science Optics
!hysical Science Fluids and Dynamics
Earth and Space Science Water Systems n Eart!
"# Science $ %&c'raw(Hill )yerson*
-his website contains important resource material
"# Science Student Home .ersion login information
Username /S00 !assword 1-00
"ssessment is the systematic gathering of information about what students know, are able to
do, and are working towards+ 2ssessment methods may include 3ui44es, student self(
assessment, performance observations, and conferencing
E$aluatin strategies may include
2ssignments, activities
-ests, 3ui44es
!ro5ects, lab activities
!resentations, mind maps
/indsor Secondary School
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Missin Statement %LE"RNIN& FOR SUCCESS'
2t /indsor Secondary School we strive to treat each other with respect and dignity, appreciate
diversity, actively pursue lifelong learning through different opportunities and value everyone@s right
to work and learn in a safe, supportive, challenging environment+
-erm mark is determined from the various assessment and evaluation strategies ()*+,
-erm mark also includes assessment and evaluation for Scial Respnsi-ility
(.*+ /r eac! term,
1ear(end mark will be calculated from the three term marks
Students are expected to follow the safety rules outlined in the text and discussed in
Students are re3uired to maintain Mar1s Recrd S!eets
Students will be given a 0r2ress Reprt each term which must be signed by a
parent,guardian and returned to the Science teacher
?or students receiving a mark less than =>A, this report constitutes an %Incmplete' or
BIC letter grade
It is expected that students will demonstrate ethical, responsible, cooperative behavior
#heating, plagiarism, and academic dishonesty %e+g+ BskippingC class* are not acceptable
:o credit, or additional opportunity for make(up, will be given to students involved in any
form of cheating, plagiarism or academic dishonesty
Cell p!nes and electrnic de$ices are nt permitted in Science classrms
&issing classes for any reason will have an impact on academic success
Students absent from class are solely responsible for obtaining and completing any
missed work
Students that know they will be absent from class must obtain and complete the
Windsr Science Department "-sence Frm from their teacher, well in advance of
their absence
-he school and teaching staff are not re3uired to make special arrangements for
unexcused absences
Family $acatins are nt an e3cused a-sence
)epeated unexcused absences or lates will result in conse3uences from the classroom
teacher and from the grade administrator
-extbooks must be covered in September, maintained throughout the year, and students
must return their assigned textbook at the end of the year
Students will pay for lost,damaged textbooks
Students will be expected to maintain an organi4ed binder containing notes, workbook,
assignments, and activities
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