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EDU308 - Task One Jess Wynn

Individual Behaviour Support Plan

Student Name: _____________________________________________

Objective of Plan
Staff working with Cody will commit to using
behaviour support strategies to maintain a
safe environment for Cody, other students and

Key Understandings about Cody.

- Cody has been at CSC since Prep
- Cody lives with his mother and older
sister, his father has not been around
- -Cody has a passion for Rugby
- Cody has low reading and
comprehension levels, though he
denies that he needs assistance.
- Cody has low self-esteem in regards to
his reading/ comprehension skills and
has been teased about it by his peers
- Cody has had several unexplained

Staff working with Cody will read and sign this
Be aware of antecedent events. Problem
behaviour is most likely to occur when:

- Cody is required to adhere to his PMP.
- Cody is to participate in a peer-
mentoring program to assist with his
reading and comprehension skills

- -Cody has a lack of confidence in his
skills in reading/comprehension and
this can be a trigger for misbehavior.
- Other students sometimes tease Cody
about his ability in these areas.

Immediate plans to defuse the situation:

- Use a non-verbal cue to remind Cody
to think about his behaviour and who it
- Give Cody a choice to 'take 5' and get
a drink to calm down.
- Conference with Cody once he is
ready and discuss how the situation
can be improved or avoided in the
future. Discuss other members of staff
or family who can help him achieve
these goals.

Positive behaviour supports to be conducted
throughout the year:

- Use descriptive encouraging when
Cody is achieving his goals as outlined
in his PMP. E.g. Cody completes a
reading task, Cody shows
improvement, Cody speaks
respectfully to a staff member or other
- Conference with Cody weekly to
discuss his behaviour and progress in
reading. Encourage Cody to take
ownership of his goals and begin self-
monitoring strategies.
- Give Cody praise using verbal and
non-verbal language.
- Communicate frequently with Cody's
mother with praise of Cody's
achievements in class.

EDU308 - Task One Jess Wynn

I have read this plan and commit to using these supports when working with
_______________________________________________ .

Team Members Signatures:

______________________________________________ . Date: _______________________

______________________________________________ . Date: _______________________

______________________________________________ . Date: _______________________

______________________________________________ . Date: _______________________

Be aware of warning signs that problem
behaviour may escalate:

- Low-level behaviour becomes more
frequent (swearing, disobedience,
absence from class)
- Cody appears agitated (body
language, tone of voice)
- Cody tries to leave the room

Staff will provide additional support by:

- Modeling appropriate and respectful
behaviour that enforces the school
slogan persistently strive to be 'the best
we can be'.
- Encourage Cody to be respectful by
using descriptive encouraging.
- Establishing and maintaining respectful
relationships with Cody and building his
confidence in his reading abilities
through support and encouragement.

Help peers learn to:

- Respect that everyone learns at their
own pace
- Understand that respect is the
foundation of a positive classroom
- Support Cody and encourage him to
participate in reading activities.

Crisis Management Plan: If aggressive or
unsafe behaviour occurs in spite of proactive
strategies, the school plan is to:

- Ask Cody to visit the PE teacher's office
(this is prearranged). If the teacher is
not there, Cody will walk to the
Support Room and stay there until he
calms down.
- Cody and the PE teacher/ Guidance
officer will discuss the cause of his
behaviour and how it can be avoided.
- Cody, the other staff member and
myself will conference about the
- - Cody's mother will be notified of the
EDU308 - Task One Jess Wynn
As a teacher at Chancellor State College, I abide by the beliefs represented in the
schools Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students (RBP). Chancellor SC encourages
students to challenge themselves and strive to be 'the best we can be' in all areas
(Chancellor State College RBP, 2007, p. 1). This is further emphasised in the RBP as it
states that students are expected to be persistent and resilient in their learning,
striving for constant improvement in their work, behaviour and in improving
relationships. The belief held at Chancellor SC is that every child has the right to be
respected and are more likely to exhibit appropriate behaviour when they are exposed
to a caring environment with meaningful curriculum and teaching. The RBP supports
the aim of creating a supportive environment where students are encouraged to 'take
responsibility for their behaviour and the consequences of their actions' (Chancellor
State College RBP, 2007).

As a teacher at Chancellor State College it is my responsibility to model positive and
appropriate behaviour while providing a supportive environment where all my students
feel safe, valued and respected. Chancellor SC teachers are encouraged to focus on
proactive and preventative strategies to support students behaviour (Chancellor State
College RBP, 2007). When students exhibit unacceptable behaviour, teachers and staff
are required to provide students with appropriate consequences focusing on natural
justice and restoring relationships.

Cody has been at Chancellor State College since Prep and is currently in my Year 7
class. During the beginning of the year it came to my attention that Cody requires
additional assistance in reading and comprehension. He is refusing the additional help
despite his mothers support of this move. I am aware that Cody may be embarrassed
that he is struggling in these areas, including mathematics and that it is a sensitive
issue that needs to be addressed.

On the whole, Cody is an easy-going student however his behaviour has recently
changed. Cody has begun to exhibit low-level behaviour issues such as occasional
EDU308 - Task One Jess Wynn
swearing, ignoring instructions, talking back and general disrespect to teachers and
other students. Additionally, Cody has repeated unexplained absences. In response to
these behaviours I used various strategies to correct Cody, including: reminding Cody
of our class/ school expectations to be 'the best we can be', descriptive encouraging of
positive behaviour and ignoring inappropriate behaviour where suitable (Education
QLD Core Learning Component, 2007). Furthermore I continued to encourage Cody to
accept the additional assistance offered for reading and comprehension. I implemented
a strategy to support him by making use of teacher aides in the classroom and utilising
group rotations which made it possible for me to give additional individual or small
group support to Cody without him feeling singled out. I chose this strategy because
Cody struggles with low self-esteem and by giving him support in a small group
situation he will retain his esteem in the presence of his peers (Maslow's Hierarchy of

Cody's behaviour escalated further to more high-level issues which required different
strategies. When a teacher aide attempted to escort Cody from the class to the
support room Cody quickly became agitated and reacted to the TA placing a hand on
his shoulder by swearing at the TA and running from the room after kicking over
several desks and chairs. The RBP suggest that high-level behaviours like this require
parent notification and further support from networks within the school community. To
address this behaviour a Re-Think Process will be used including the completion of a
Personal Management Plan for Cody. The Re-Think Process will involve Cody, myself
and Cody's rugby coach as behavioural support. The aim of the process is to address
the cause of the behaviour, who it affects and what actions will be taken to prevent it
recurring. As Cody has a positive relationship with his coach I believe that this will
motivate Cody to improve his behaviour and to emulate the positive behaviour that he
respects in his coach.

Support will continue to be given to Cody in the classroom, including support from his
mother, the Rugby coach and a Guidance Officer. I feel that Cody's passion for Rugby
EDU308 - Task One Jess Wynn
is an opportunity for him to build relationships and self-esteem that could improve his
attitude toward learning in class. For this reason Cody will undergo a peer-mentoring
program to provide further support in his reading and comprehension. The primary
goal of addressing these behaviours is to encourage Cody to commit to persisting in
the areas he struggles and to build relationships that will continue to support him and
his learning.