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Lesson Eight: Investigating Dreamtime Stories

through ICTS

Estimated Timing

90 minutes
Lesson Objectives

Australian Curriculum:
English / Year 6 / Literature / Responding to literature /
Content Description:
Analyse and evaluate similarities and differences in texts on
similar topics, themes or plots
exploring texts on a similar topic by authors with very different
styles, for example comparing fantasy quest novels or
realistic novels on a specific theme, identifying differences in
the use of narrator, narrative structure and voice and
language style and register

English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interpreting, analysing,
evaluating / ACELY1801
Content Description:
Analyse strategies authors use to influence readers
identify how authors use language to position the reader and
give reasons

English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interacting with others /
Content Description;
Participate in and contribute to discussions, clarifying and
interrogating ideas, developing and supporting arguments,
sharing and evaluating information, experiences and opinions
recognising that closed questions ask for precise responses
while open questions prompt a speaker to provide more


Use text-processing strategies
when viewing and reading,
connecting to prior knowledge
about the author and specific
learning area content (VR6 iii)

View, read, navigate and adjust
selection of texts for multiple
purposes (VR6 i)

Identify the purpose, content,
context, text structure and writer
reader relationships when writing
and creating learning area texts
(WC6 i)

Independently view and read and
demonstrate understanding of
learning area texts by:
synthesising and comparing
information and ideas within and
between texts
comparing texts (VR6 iv)

Whole class, teacher led
Individual work

Resources 27 x Culture Journal (Blank, lined workbooks)
27 x iPads/Laptops
Smart Board

Learning Experiences
1. Begin lesson by acknowledging traditional owners of the land.
2. Discuss examples of Dreamtime stories that explain the creation of something.
3. Discuss Australian animals. Focus on the Koala.
What are the unique features a Koala has?
How could we explain the creation of these features?
4. Using the Smart Board, watch the Youtube clip Why Koala Has A Stumpy Tail
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itszep0duwI (Sherman, 2004).
Who was your favourite character and why?
What do you think the purpose of the video was?
What can we learn from the video?
5. Watch http://www.abc.net.au/dustechoes/ The Mimis (ABC, 2007)
Before watching, have the students predict what the story may be about.
Does the title give the viewer any clues about the story?
6. Once the video has been viewed, discuss the story synopsis:: In this story a young man
believes he is a disappointment to his farther as he is a terrible hunter. He is taken by the
friendly creatures who teach him to be happy and he realizes that his father loves him.
7. Students are to individually complete the quiz at the end of the video.
8. Students are to write a summary about one of the two stories investigated this lesson in their
Culture Journal.