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2D is basically two

dimensional flat
graphics or image,
which have to axis.
Like x and y
3d is basically
three dimensional
graphics or
object/images that
have three axis,
like x, y and
z 3d hade volume
3D modelling software is a class of 3D computer
graphics software used to make 3D models. Individual
programs of this class are called modelling
applications or modellers.
3D models are widely used anywhere in 3D graphics.
Actually, their use exist common use of 3D graphics
on computers. Multi computer games used pre-
rendered images of 3D models as sprites before
computers could render them in real-time.
Here we are explaining some areas where this
technology is used
The movie industry uses them as personality
and objects for animated and real-life motion
The video game industry uses them as benefit
for computer and video games.
The science sector uses them as highly
complete models of chemical compounds.
The architecture industry uses them to indicate
proposed buildings and landscapes across
Software Architectural Models.
The engineering community apply them as
designs of new devices, vehicles and shape as
well as a host of other uses.
Polygonal modelling - Points in 3D space, called top, are connected
by line segments to form a polygonal mesh.
Curve modelling-Surfaces are defined by curves, which are
influenced by weighted control points. The curve follows (but does not
necessarily interpolate) the points.
Digital sculpting- Still a fairly new method of modelling, 3D
sculpting has become very common in the few years it has been
There are currently 3 types of digital sculpting:
1. Displacement
2. Volumetric
3. Dynamic Tessellation
Now you can see the difference between 2 images