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Name: Jen Langer Site: Jens Little Ones LLC

Nature Activity
Description of Activity:
Leaf collecting
Type of Activity: Nature collection activity
Age group: 0-
Num!er in group: "
Opening #uestion$%nvitation$&rop$'inger &lay:
Song$(ance: falling leaves
Concepts ) S*ills:
C+il(ren ,ill use t+eir senses to (istinguis+
(ifferent types of leaves-
C+il(ren ,ill repeat song or movements to t+e
#uestions to as*:
.o, can ,e tell if t+is is (ifferent from t+e
ot+er leaves/ 0+at is (ifferent/ 0+at is t+e
Lets sing t+e song again1 t+is time you +elp- %
,oul( leave out ,or(s li*e 2falling3 or 2floating3
for t+e *i(s to +elp-
0e ,ill go on a ,al* to collect (ifferent leaves- 0e ,ill !ring
t+em !ac* ) set t+em out on t+e ta!le or floor- 0e ,ill use
magnifying glasses to really stu(y t+em- % ,ill as* t+e
4uestions liste( a!ove- 0e ,ill t+en use t+e leave to paint1
(ra, an( sort-
5aterials Nee(e(:
6ag for collecting
5agnifying glasses
Large paper for (isplaying
&erformance Stan(ar(s:
Health and physical development
Motor evelopment
6-7L-8a moves ,it+ strengt+1 control1 !alance1 coor(ination1
locomotion an( en(urance- &urpose an( coor(ination
6-7L-8a moves ,it+ strengt+1 control1 !alance1 coor(ination1
locomotion an( en(urance- 6alance an( strengt+
!ensory "r#ani$ation
C-7L-8 uses senses to ta*e in e9perience1 integrate1 an(
regulate responses to t+e environment
!ocial and Emotional evelopment
!ocial Competence
C-7L- engages in social interactions ,it+ ot+ers
C-7L-" (emonstrates un(erstan(ing of rules an( social
&otential :ui(ance Tec+ni4ues Nee(e(:
C+il(ren ,ill nee( to !e taug+t +o, to pull a
leaf carefully from a tree or s+ru!- % ,ill nee(
to ,atc+ for poison ivy or oa*-
Lan#%a#e development and comm%nication
Listenin# and &nderstandin#
A-7L-8 (erives meaning t+roug+ listening to communications of
ot+ers an( soun(s in t+e environment
A-7L- listens an( respon(s to communications ,it+ ot+ers
A-7L-" follo,s (irection of increasing comple9ity
!pea'in# and Comm%nicatin#
6-7L-8 uses gestures an( movements ;non-ver!al< to
6-7L-a uses vocali=ations an( spo*en language to
communicate- Synta9
6-7L-! uses vocali=ations an( spo*en language to
communicate- Semantics
6-7L-c uses vocali=ations an( spo*en language to
communicate- &ragmatics
Approaches to learnin#
C%riosity( En#a#ement ) Persistence
A-7L-8 (isplays curiosity1 ris*-ta*ing an( ,illingness to engage
in ne, e9periences
A-7L- engages in meaningful learning t+roug+ attempting1
repeating1 e9perimenting1 refining1 an( ela!orating on
e9periences an( activities
A-7L-" e9+i!its persistence an( fle9i!ility
Creativity and Ima#ination
6-7L-8 engages in imaginative play an( inventive t+in*ing
t+roug+ interactions ,it+ people1 materials an( t+e
6-7L- e9presses self creatively t+roug+ music1 movement an(
iversity in Learnin#
C-7L-8 e9periences a variety of routines1 practices an(
C-7L- learns ,it+in t+e conte9t of +is$+er family an( culture
C-7L-" uses various styles of learning inclu(ing
ver!al$linguistic1 !o(ily$*inest+etic1 visual$spatial1
interpersonal an( intrapersonal
Co#nition and #eneral 'no*led#e
E+ploration( iscovery ) Pro,lem !olvin#
A-7L-8 uses multi-sensory a!ilities process information
Mathematical Thin'in#
6-7L-> uses t+e attri!utes of o!?ects for comparison an(
6-7L-@ collects1 (escri!es1 an( recor(s information using all
!cienti-ic Thin'in#
C-7L-8 uses o!servation to gat+er information
.ITC Instr%ctor &se "nly/
$ Activity &lan is (evelopmentally appropriate
$ Activity &lan is compre+ensive
$8 &rofessional presentation$spelling ) grammar is correct