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Active debris removal

Project Blueprint
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
2.1. Space debris
(what is out there/what is the problem,why it is a problem, how many, how high etc)
2.2. Debris removal methods
(methods used to remove debris, why are we choosing ADR? Its advantages over other methods , are
there any other methods???)
2.3. Mission
(our formulated mission given with the paper)
3. Active debris removal
3.1. Space debris characteristics
details about space debris, decision on which are we aiming for, their characteristics,
parameters:mass,volume,Pc,altitude,inclination,drop off orbit,velocity etc)
3.2. Launcher design
(what are available launchers for such mission typically? Whats their payload, how much fuel we will
need, how many stages,what speed will we need to obtain, comparison between different launchers in
order to choose one which suits us best)
3.3. Satellite design and mission specifications
(satellite mission calculations and description , satellite design ( general) , fuel ,thrust needed for the
mission, satellite end of life considerations)
4. Conclusions ( approx.mission cost, mission results within a timeframe, design improvements
5. References