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Writing 12

Teacher: Mr. Troy Moore

Course Description: Writing 12 is a course designed to improve student writing and to
challenge intellectual and creative abilities. Students will read and interpret a
number of literary genres, which may include: non-fiction, creative non-fiction,
fiction, short stories, scripts, and poetry. Students will also work on activities
intended to strengthen writing, including an ongoing blog/journal. In addition,
students will create a final portfolio (website) to showcase their growth and

Goals: It is expected (and hoped) students will:
Develop skills and confidence in their writing
Develop positive attitudes toward language
Make connections to other areas of study and improve work habits
Think critically, creatively, and reflectively
Learn editing and drafting skills
Create and maintain a blog portfolio
Participate and enjoy group work and workshops
Compete in the Correlieu Secondary School English Project contest.

Policy and Procedure:

Equipment: A binder or notebook with lots of paper. A pen or pencil. Please
always bring these to class. We will also have unhindered access to a lab so a thumb
drive would be beneficial.

Attendance: Mandatory. This course is compiled of many workshops and skill
building activities. It is imperative students attend.

Punctuality: Students should arrive on time. However, things happen (car breaks
down, missed the bus, overslept, alien abduction, etc.), if a student is tardy they should
enter quietly and sit down. Activities missed at the start of class will still need to be

Assignments: Need to be completed by the due date. Given the nature of the
class, some assignments will have a LITTLE leeway, but when cut off is announced no
assignments will be accepted after that point. If an assignment is going to be late, it is the
students responsibility to talk to me about missed work.

Cell Phones: District policy states, no cell phones during instructional times,
except with the discretion of the teacher. Cell phones are great and versatile, they can be
used to research, used to jot down ideas, used for a plethora of useful things. However,
OMG look at this grad dress! is not one of them. If the phones become a distraction,
the privilege of use will come to a screeching halt. Also, please do not text your children
during class unless it is an emergency.


Correlieu Secondary School Mark Scale:

A -- 86%+
B -- 73 85%
C+-- 67 72%
C -- 60 66%
C- -- 50 59%
F -- <49% (an I will be given until parents are notified)

Writing 12 Mark Breakdown:

Assignments 70%
Portfolio 10% (final project)
Self-Evaluation 10% (once each semester)
Free Writes 10% (5% for class writes and 5% for open writes)

There is no final exam.

Plagiarism is a serious offence and will not be tolerated. Anyone caught plagiarising
will receive a 0 and be reported to the principal for discipline.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school (992-
7007) or via e-mail (troymoore@sd28.bc.ca)

* NOTE *

It is easier to keep in contact with me through email so I ask all parents to please provide
me with an email address. The easiest way to do that is to send me one to the address
above or attach:

My email is: _____________________________________________________________