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Q1. State during which phase or phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle the
following actions are performed:
a. Installing the system
b. Training users
c. Writing documentation
d. Performing feasibility studies
e. Testing the system
f. Updating the system
Analysis, implementation, implementation, design and implementation, analysis, design and
implementation, design
Q7. If a component has an MTBF = 10 hours and a transaction takes 20 minutes, calculate
the reliability of the component.
R = e ^-(1/10)*0.3333 = 0.967
Q11. What are the differences between network line continuity testers and network cable
Continuity testers simply test to see if a wire is broken. Network cable testers can tell if the wires
in a cable connection are reversed or there are other more elaborate problems.
Q12. You are working for a small company that has a local area network with two hubs.
The communications line between the hubs has just been cut, but you do not know that yet.
How can you determine what has happened?
You might try using a cable tester and see if you can determine the length of the cable that runs
between hubs. If the length appears too short, there might be a problem. You could also try a
software tester and try sending messages to other workstations, waiting for replies. If all
workstations on a single hub are not responding, one would conclude it is either the line to the
hub or the hub itself. You might also consider using managed hubs and SNMP.