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Hospitality MANAGEMENT Company

Due Diligence Checklist (Hotel//Resort)
Property Inspection
1. Guest room list by room type. Summary of room types.
2. Access to blue prints and a copy of the most recent survey.
3. The latest inventories available for food, beverage, linen or other supplies.
4. eferred maintenance schedule. !ist all ""#$ in need of repair or replacement.
%. &opy of the most recent appraisal.
'. A list of all capital e(penditures during the past three years.
). *ost recent inspection reports from the franchisor, along +ith any correspondences during the past year
concerning franchisor inspections and ,-, re.uirements./-nclude any $mergency &ontingency ,lans0
1. The latest health, fire, and hotel inspections from governmental agencies during the past year.
2. Any and all la+suits or threats of la+suits, during the past year.
13. &omplaints, notices and citations from any governmental agencies, including sales and payroll ta( notices.
11. All insurance inspection reports, including +or4ers compensation.
12. ,roperty and liability insurance loss runs, including +or4ers compensation.
13. &urrent property and liability insurance policies, including +or4ers compensation.
14. Any and all environmental audits and reports to include a copy of ,hase - $nvironmental 5eport.
1%. &opies of all licenses and permits.
1'. Any and all AA plans, reports, audits, or notices.
1). A list of any loaned e.uipment belonging to vendors, and personal e.uipment belonging to employees or
11. A list of any inventories for furniture, fi(tures and e.uipment including 4itchen, ban.uet and office
12. &opy of any management contracts or reservation referral contracts.
23. &opy of any franchise agreements
21. &opy of any renovation or upgrade /,-,0 budgets re.uired to comply +ith franchise re.uirements /or to
meet mar4et demands0
22. A list of future reservations and boo4ings, including name of party, deposit received, rate guaranteed, dates
and status.
23. 6ccupancy and average rate the last three years.
24. &apital e(penditures for the last three years, +ith any current pro7ections for e(penditures.
2%. All architectural and engineering plans and specifications.
2'. All inspection reports, including health, fire, building and elevator.
2). &opies of all studies, including all recent appraisals, mar4et studies, environmental8engineering reports and
mar4eting plans.
21. -nventory of ""#$, supplies, consumables and inventories. /-nclude a hand count of all house4eeping 9
to+els, bedding, pillo+s, supplies etc.0
22. Schedule of all insurance coverage, including cost and e(piration.
33. The legal property description.
31. &opies of all service contracts, leases, franchises, licenses, permits, management agreements, union
agreements and any instruments that the purchaser is e(pected to assume.
32. &opies of all trademar4s, trade names and copyrights.
33. etails of any administrative action or litigation threatened or pending against the hotel.
34. A list of employees, including name, position, ept., salary and benefits.
3%. !ist of all purveyors and sources of supplies and services.
Hospitality MANAGEMENT Company
inancial In!ormation
1. "rom &,A 9 ,rofit # !oss Statements to include guest room statistics.
2. Three most current year9ended ,#! /23118231282313 and trailing 129months to :T. /;ro4en o+n
3. *ost recent accounts receivable aging, advance deposit listing, guest ledger listing, and A, aging.
4. A list of income rent rolls +ith attached copies of income rental agreements including any amendments.
%. All property ta( bills and assessments, real and personal, for the past t+o years.
'. &opies of e.uipment leases, property rental agreements, service agreements and contracts including any
). &opies of all utility and maintenance bills for proration purposes.
1. &opies of all notes and mortgages currently encumbering the property.
2. $stoppel letters from any mortgage.
13. !ist of all tenants, rent rolls, deposits and term of lease.
Marketing an" #ales
1. STA5 reports to include Summary 5eport, *onthly Trend 5eport, and &omp Set 5esponse 5eport.
2. *ost recent year ended and current :T room sales by mar4et segment.
3. *ost recent <otelligence report, if available.
4. ,*S reports sho+ing guest profile by Source &odes and 5ate &odes.
%. A list of the top 2% accounts including rates, annual room nights and dollar volume.
'. A list of all preferred accounts by company and rate.
). &urrent *ar4eting ,lan and pro7ections.
1. Advance boo4ing contracts and preferred corporate accounts to be made available for inspection.
2. <otel =ebsite access codes8pass+ords etc>
Human Resources
1. *ost recent payroll register report and payroll summary report by departments.
2. Any employee handboo4s benefit boo4lets or outlines, group insurance plans, retirement plans, and any
other benefits together +ith all amendments and modifications.
3. Any employment rules, 7ob descriptions, 7ob chec4lists, and current memorandum notices to employees.
4. Any employee agreements, bonus plans, and letters of employment.
%. Staffing Guide budget.
'. -f a ?nion <otel, any union agreement +ith attached e(hibits, and copies of all grievances and responses
filed by the union during the past t+elve /120 months.
Approved by@
S. ;u4hari A &$6
avid 5obin A &66