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Study Guide Thursday Homework

1. One cold February night, the temperature was already 13 Fahrenheit; overnight the temperature
dropped another devastating 8 degrees. What was the temperature the next morning?

2. Submariners prefer to keep their periscopes no more than 9 feet above the surface of the water. If
the average length of a periscope is 40 feet, how much of the periscope remains below sea level?

3. Connor just checked the balance of his checking account, and has discovered that he has a balance
of -$68.00 and was charged an additional fee of $30.00 for this negative balance; luckily, his
paycheck for $1,128.00 will be deposited on Friday. As long as he doesnt have any other expenses,
what will his new balance be on Friday?

4. The temperature at lunchtime was 45 but by dinnertime it had dropped to -6. What was the
change in temperature between lunchtime and dinnertime? As a part of your answer, draw a
thermometer that shoes your work and your answer.

5. You are doing some repair work on a house and you are standing at the base of a ladder, in a 4-
foot-deep hole. Once you finish your work in the hole, you climb 18 feet up the ladder to fix a
problem on the side of the house. Create a model indicating how high up the side of the house you