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Document Information

SBU Account
Covidien Non Disbursement
Project/System Name
Checking for Potential Duplicates in the Spreadsheet Billing submitted by
the Vendors for Payment Processing
Project User
Ryan Anthony Perea
Project Approver
Honeylet Narrido

A. Problem/Opportunity Addressed
Senior Accountant needs to perform an additional step in order to check for potential
duplicates in spreadsheet billing statements submitted by vendors.

It is time-consuming to manually check a spreadsheet for any potential duplicates on a
weekly basis as each spreadsheet contains 500 or more line items.


Enhancement of user accounts management by providing a system that will ensure or
prevent any duplicate billing in the consolidated spreadsheet to avoid overpayment to

B. Objectives of the solution
Automate the process of checking potential duplicate billings. Thus, eliminate manual
checking of spreadsheet for each spreadsheet tab.

Transition from current process (manual checking) to an automated system (macro

Business Requirements


1. Receive Consolidated Spreadsheet Billing from Vendor Kelly Services through
a. Senior Accountant verifies details of the spreadsheet.
i. Invoice Number
ii. Invoice Date
iii. Amount
b. Routed DCN to Appropriate Approver for Approval
c. Once Approved, Spreadsheet/Billing to be uploaded in E. One using Speed
Voucher Entry tool of E. One.


1. Consolidated Spreadsheet
a. Senior Accountant performs Macro Utility to verify potential duplicates, if
b. Reference Number in the spreadsheet would be the unique identifier.
c. System checks the Reference Number of all the Spreadsheet Tab. If any
Reference Number has a duplicate, it will display the following message:
Please verify spreadsheet tab ______
d. Once Senior Accountant confirms that it is a duplicate billing. A
confirmation email will be sent to the Vendor.