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Debut Album from SevakPreet & friends

~Ek Ong Kar~

This is the debut album made by Sevak Preet & her musical friends.
A birthing of creativity and love through the act of devotional service.
A mix of mantra and devotional native songs. Sharing the vibration of Naad, love and
released 22 May 2014
Sevak Preet Kaur:
Website: www.sevakpreet.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/SevakPreetcom/281072851957620?fref=ts
Charles Belfor: Cello
Morris Weijers : Caisa/percussie
Martyn Zij: Guitar & vocals
Baz Laarakkers: Bass
Gurbatschan Singh: Tabla www.yoga-g.nl
Album Art Work: Roelina Banga www.roelinabanga.nl
Studio: Siep Dijjkstra bij de hitfabryk www.hitfabryk.nl
Mantras & lyrics:
Ong Namo
Complete Mantra:
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
Language: Gurmukhi
Ong Namo -I bow to the subtle divine wisdom
Guru Dev Namo - I bow to the divine teacher within.
More Information:
Yogi Bhajan taught this is ancient yogic mantra as a tool to relate instantly to the divine
teacher within. Adi means primal or rst. In Kundalini yoga, this is the rst mantra that
should be used for any yogic or meditative practice. It is used to tune in before Kundalini
Yoga classes, to center us in the higher self, and to spiritually guide both the teacher and
the students during the class.
Wha yanti
Complete Mantra:
Wha yanti kar yantee, jag dut patee,
aadak it waha, brahmaday trayshaa guroo, it wahay guroo
Language: sanskrit
Author: Patanjali
Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One.
Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru.
More Information:
This mantra was given by Patanjali, a great Yogi. It is said that over two thousand years
ago Patanjali was lecturing students on prophets who would come in the iron age, the
age of Kaliyug. He prophesied Guru Nanak Dev Ji's coming into the world and gave the
"Wah Yantee" mantra which describes Wahe Guru. The "Wah Yantee" mantra also
predicted the coming of the "Wahe Guru" mantra.
The "Wah Yantee" mantra is known for awakening the intuition. Wha Yantee is one of the
mantras on every Aquarian Sadhana CD. According to Yogi Bhajan the practice of this
mantra is the culmination of hundreds of years of prayer.
Come Come
Complete mantra:
Come Come who ever you are
Wondere, worshipper, lover of leaving
Come, Come, Who ever you are
This isn't a caravan of depaire
And it doesn't matter if you broken your vows
a thousand time before
and yet again Come again Come
and yet again, Come again come
Language: English
Source: Shimshai, based on a poem by Rumi
Pauri 1
First line:
H lH J= P Hl =J !
sochai soch naa hov-a-ee jay sochee lakh vaar
By thinking and thinking again a hundred thousand times, one cannot nd a solution
Second line:
H!H! J= P l JJ l= J !
chupai chup naa hov-a-ee jay laa-i rahaa liv taar
By being quiet, peace cannot be found even if poised deep in meditation forever
Third line:
! ! _Jl P H ! J !
bhukhi-aa bhukh naa utree jay bannaa puree-aa bhaar
The hunger of the hungry cannot be quenched if food is carried as baggage
Forth line:
J l~< JlJ l~ H l !
sehas si-aanpaa lakh hoh taa ik naa chalai naal
One may possess a hundred thousand clever ideas, but even one will not accompany him/
Fith line:
l~= lH~J J- l~= ~= !l !
kiv sachi-aaraa ho-ee-ai kiv koorhai tutai paal
How then can one be puried? How can one throw away the falsehood?
Sixth line:
J!JP H< ~ ll~ l !!
hukam rajaa-ee chalnaa naanak likhi-aa naal
Says Nanak, By Abiding by the Command of God, which is written along with everyone!
Kaal Akaal
Complete mantra:
Kaal Akaal Siri Kaal, Maha Akaal, Akaal Moorat, Wahe Guru
Language: Gurmukhi
Kaal means death. Akaal means undying. Akaal Moorat is our pattern that exists beyond
death. Wahe Guru is the mantra of ecstasy.
More Information:
This protective mantra wraps around animosity and seals it closed. It can remove the very
shadow of death.
May the long time sun
Complete Mantra:
May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You,
All Love Surround You,
And the Pure Light Within You,
Guide Your Way On
Language: English
Source: Incredible String Band; Irish Blessing
More Information:
This song has become the blessing used to end Kundalini Yoga classes. Yogi Bhajan said
that this is our closing prayer, and so is used to end a Kundalini Yoga practice, along with
I nd my joy
Complete mantra:
I nd my joy in the simple things, coming from the earth
And I nd my smile in sun that shines, and the water that sings to me
Now listen to the wind, and listen to the water, hear what they say (2x)
Theyre singing Heya Heya, Heya Heya, Heya Heya Ho (2x)
Let us never forget, never forget to give thanks
Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks and praise (2x)
Language: English
More information:
Earth blessing song from the rainbow community.