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Bikini Bottom Dihybrid Crosses Answer Key

1. Heterozygous round eyes, blue body _Rryy_______

2. Hybrid eye shape, purebred roundpants _Rrss_______

3. Purebred roundpants, heterozygous long nose _ssLl_______

4. SpongeBobs aunt, who is a roundpants, has a cute stubby nose. She has ina!!y ound the sponge o her dreams and is
ready to sett!e down. "er ianc# a!ways comments on how adorab!e her nose is $he says it reminds him o his mothers
aww, how sweet%&. 'hey wonder what the chances are o that trait being passed on. "er ianc# is a purebred s(uarepants
and is a hybrid or his !ong nose.

A. Identify the genotypes of the aunt and her fian!.
Aunt " Roundpants, #tubby $ose " __ssll______ %ian! " Purebred #&uarepants, Long $ose " _##Ll_______

'. (hat are the possible ga)ete o)binations for eah person*
Aunt " _sl_____________________________ %ian! " ___#L+ #l___________________________

,. (hat are the possible genotypes for their hildren* __#sLl+ #sll___________-./ hane of stubby nose offspring ___

). As we know, SpongeBob is hetero*ygous or his ye!!ow body co!or and his s(uarepants, whi!e his wie SpongeSusie is
b!ue and has roundpants. +se this inormation to answer the o!!owing (uestions.

A. 0i1e the genotypes for eah.
#ponge'ob " _2y#s_________________ #ponge#usie " _yyss______________

'. (hat are the possible ga)ete o)binations for eah person*
#ponge'ob " _2#+ 2s+ y#+ ys_________________ #ponge#usie " _ys_________________

,. ,o)plete the Punnett s&uare based on the infor)ation pro1ided in 3-.

4. Ans5er the &uestions based on your Punnett s&uare.
(hat is the hane of a blue baby* _-./____
(hat is the hane of a blue s&uarepants* _2-/____
(hat is the hane of a s&uarepants* -./_____
(hat is the hane of a purebred reessi1e for both traits* _2-/____

'rait Dominant ,ene -ecessi.e ,ene
'ody #hape #&uarepants 6#7 Roundpants 6s7
'ody ,olor 2ello5 627 'lue 6y7
8ye #hape Round 6R7 91al 6r7
$ose #tyle Long 6L7 #tubby 6l7
___ys_________ ____________ ____________ ____________
___2#_________ 2y#s
___2s_________ 2yss
___y#_________ yy#s
___ys_________ yyss
/. 0n starish, pink body co!or $1& is dominant to orange $p&, and thick eyebrows $'& are dominant o.er thin $t& ones.
1atrick, who is hetero*ygous or body co!or but purebred or thick eyebrows, has met 1atti, who is recessi.e or both traits.

A. (hat is Patti:s phenotype* __pptt_____________________________

'. Is it possible for the ne5 ouple to ha1e offspring that rese)ble their )other* 8;plain.
___$o. Patri<:s genotype isPp==. Although -./ of offspring 5ould be e;peted to loo< orange, ./ 5ill be able to ha1e thin
eyebro5s. _______________________________________________________________________

,. 'efore Patri< o))its to this relationship, he 5ould li<e to guarantee that his offspring 5ould ha1e his thi< eyebro5s as he
thin<s they )a<e hi) s)arter> 2ou need to pro1ide e1idene for or against the )arriage 5ith regards to eyebro5s 9$L2.

1../ =hi< eyebro5s??..Her reessi1e genes 5ill be )as<ed?..@ARR2 H8R>>>>>

2. 3hi!e S(uidwards ami!y boasts about being a purebred !ine or dominant !ight b!ue skin co!or, they are a!so purebred
or a !ess distinguished trait4 the recessi.e trait o ba!dness. 5ack o hair causes S(uidward some se!6esteem issues that he
does not want his chi!dren to ace. "e wou!d !ike to ensure that his ospring ha.e hair A7D with his b!ue skin co!or. 3hat
traits shou!d he !ook or in a bride8

A. @ust she ha1e hair* 8;plain. _2es?..but that is not a guarantee, she )ust not be a arrier for baldness>______
S(uidward 'raits
Skin Co!or
'lue " ', 0reen " b
Hair " H, 'ald " h

'. @ust she be blue* 8;plain. _$o. His Purebred 4o)inant alleles 5ill ensure that.__________________________

,. #&uid5ard has found a potential bride prospet 5ith the green s&uid 9ta1ia. (hile 9ta1ia has hair, her father does not.
4eter)ine the hanes of their hild being blue and ha1ing hair.

#&uid5ardAs 0enotype " _''hh_________ 9ta1iaAs 0enotype " _bbHh_________

4. Bse the genotypes in abo1e to o)plete the Punnett s&uare belo5 and then ans5er the &uestions.

8. Ans5er these &uestions based on your Punnett s&uare.
%or 5hih traits, if any, is it possible for their offspring to be purebred* $either trait is possible purebred
(hat is the probability of their hildren being heterozygous for both traits* _-./_______

_bH__________ ___bh________ ____________ ____________
__'h_______ 'bHh 'bhh