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Write an autobiography of a famous/not famous, real/imaginary, person/thing/animal,

feeling, the choice is entirely yours.

An autobiography is a life story told by the person or thing doing the telling. Your
autobiography must be written using I and not he and she.

There are three premises behind the assignment:

1. Most fiction writing is from an autobiographical perspective, but is not
autobiographical. I want you to get used to writing from a plethora of
perspectives, after all, Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, there are no facts, only
interpretations. If you can make another perspective believable, you have
already won half the battle. Especially if it comes from a completely different

2. It is a great assignment to practice incorporating personality into a character in
the way they tell their story. Often an author can tell you something about a
character, but it is always better to show you. Consider this quote, Is evil
something that you are, or something that you do? - Bret Easton Ellis, American
Psycho. I want you try and incorporate personality into your autobiographical
character by telling, and showing.

3. It will be your first assignment where editing is important.

Some examples could include : Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, your kid sister, a mosquito,
a feeling, etc.

Do the best you can.

For this assignment, Id like to see two drafts (if you make more, that is fine, but I only
need two), a rough and a finished copy.