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mplementing Screen-exit for transaction MIGO

By Shailaja Reddy
Add new Tab to MIGO and store the custom values in a Z table, as there is no provision for adding
custom fields in MSEG table except for Accounting details by Standard Include (CI_COBL).
Create a BADI implementation for MB_MIGO_BADI

Create a program with the screen type sub-screen in SE80 and design the layout for the custom fields.
Declare the custom fields in a Z**TOP include.
Under the PBO method declare the program name and screen number as shown below:

Under PAI method declare the field to X.

Under the line modify method declare a flag and set to X checking for material document number by
which we can set the fields to be in display mode when we open MIGO for display of material document
created after doing goods receipt.

Under the POST_DOCUMENT method write the code for appending the value to Z table along with the
values of the line item (In this case production order number, material, .). For these values to be
available here in this method use the memory concept Export to memory id in the method
In order to do any validations to the custom fields, go to transaction SE80 and mention the program
Name created and in PROCESS ON VALUE_REQUEST create a module and provide the validations
required for those custom Fields.

In order to make the fields to be in display mode during the display of material document, create a module
under PBO and import the flag value and the production order number details in the method
LINE_MODIFY and if that flag = X, use
Retrieve the values from the Z table matching the key field (production order number) and pass the value
of the custom field on to the screen.
ZZBAGS = (fetched value from Z table).
Following is the transaction with the custom field: