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Descriptive writing is a very important

element to the creation of characters, setting,
and story. It is argued that beginning writers
lack the quality description of veteran writers. I
say balderdash!

Many years ago there was a radio show
which featured two friends who dared one
another to spend the night in a large, deserted, old haunted house. One decides
to do it and while cooking in an upstairs room he visited by four ghosts. They
come at 9, 10, 11 and midnight respectively. Each one is scarier, larger, and
more awesome than the previous one with the description of each of the five

This leads into your assignment: Create a story. Plot is not as crucial as
description. Description should comprise 65%-80% of the entire story. The
visitors can range from bad to good, good to bad, but there must be a transitional
gradient to each visitor. This is not a fashion commentary, and no visitors from

The assignment should be 2+ typewritten pages

It may be helpful to highlight your rough draft to see how much description
is going into the visitor story.

It also may be easier to begin with 4 separate sheets (one for each
visitor). Write qualities, remembering the 5 senses. Then arrange the characters

Also, try and use description which is not clich, or common. For
example, instead of it was as black as pitchuse it was as black as forbidden
lust Mercedes Lackey or it was as black as sightless eyes George Cabot
Lodge.get it?

Therefore, you will write a story about being visited by 4 visitors85 90%
description. Rough and final copy submitted. 2+ pages. Be creative and
dont ignore any of the 5 senses.