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Springvalley Middle School Course Outline-Arts 7, 2014-2015

350 Ziprick Road, Kelowna, BC, V1X 4H3 Phone: 250 862-3274

Instructor: Janine Collinson Email: Janine.collinson@sd23.bc.ca Website: Mscollinson.weebly.com
Course Description
Welcome to Drama-Arts 7. This introductory course is one semester (10 weeks) long and includes both Drama and Art.
This class will help you develop you confidence in your creativity, intuition and imagination in a safe and supportive
atmosphere. Have fun going outside your comfort zone! We will explore the basic elements of design and dramatic arts
through purposeful participation.

Classroom Culture
The culture of our Fine Arts 7 classroom will be one of absolute respect and acceptance. The sole purpose of language is
to enhance human interaction and communication. Consequently, we will be discussing many controversial ideas
throughout the term; in order for our discussions to be invigorating and engaging, we are going to need to make
ourselves vulnerable and share pieces of ourselves with the rest of the class. Any form of bullying, disrespect, or
harshness will be dealt with severe consequences. Due to the nature of this course, bullying is completely against the
culture of this classroom and it is something that I am very strict about.

21 St Century Learners strive to be:
Learners, Thinkers, Innovators, Collaborators, Contributors
Course Aims and Objectives
-Theatre etiquette and performance art.
-Drama forms: tableau, role-play, theatre Games
-Infomercials students work to write, perform, and produce parody infomercials
-Theatre Styles including Mime, Storybook Theatre, and Storytelling
-Small group production students prepare a final piece in a style we have covered for in class performance, with an
invited audience of another class
- Doodling: working with lines
- Basic elements of design: line, shape, colour, value, texture and space
- Famous artist: a day in the life of..
- Various medium: paint, chalk, collage

Portfolio assignments are 60% of overall grade
Sketches are 10% of overall grade
Participation is 30% of overall grade
Work ethic will be determined in accordance with SMS policy. Please refer to the student handbook

Springvalley Middle School Course Outline-Arts 7, 2014-2015
350 Ziprick Road, Kelowna, BC, V1X 4H3 Phone: 250 862-3274

Course Expectations- The Life Raft
The Life Raft
The Golden rule: treat others you would like to be treated
Be Brave-Participate to Progress
Pursue your personal best not matter who you work with
Have reasons for the things you say and do
It takes great Strength to be sensible
Be Prepared- It is important that you be on time, come to class willing to work and bring all necessary supplies to class
Your level of preparation will impact the work habit mark on your report card. Read your SMS student handbook to make
sure you know what is expected of you!
Be Respectful- Respect yourself, your peers, your teacher, your school, the work you have to do. Class begins at the
bell. Tardiness, without a valid reason, will result in making up class time missed. It is important that students respect
themselves, respect others and respect their environment. We all need to be comfortable to express our ideas, to make
mistakes and to learn. We need to respect each others heritage and to demonstrate an awareness and acceptance of
Be Engaged- the learning process depends on your engagement with your own work. You will learn methods of
assessing your own work and the work of your peers. This is a skill that you will find helpful in many future venues.
Attendance -Absence and tardiness create gaps in student learning which frequently affect scores/grades. You are
responsible for all of the work that you miss and you must take the initiative to check with a friend or to check my
website to find out what work you should have prepared for class or be ready to hand in. http://mscollinson.weebly.com/
I love the quote by Hunter S. Thompson that states, "Half of life is just showing up".

Absences -As previously noted, regular attendance is expected. However, if for some reason will be away, and you
know you will be, I except you to tell me in advance or if you miss class unexpectedly, you must bring a note from your
parent or guardian, explaining your absence. You are responsible for any missed work. (Ask you shoulder partner)
Missed in-class essays or tests will be made up afterschool as per school policy. If there are extenuating circumstances
for missed classes or work, please see me. I want you to be successful in Fine Arts 7.

Hand in all assignments on time - Again this information is in your SMS student handbook. This makes life easier for
both of us.
Late Work-Students that do not hand in assignments on time will be expected to stay in at lunch and afterschool until

Bring a Positive Attitude- It is a key component to your own success.
Website: www.Mscollinson.weebly.com

Let's have a successful year!

Sincerely, Ms. Collinson
Springvalley Middle School Course Outline-Arts 7, 2014-2015
350 Ziprick Road, Kelowna, BC, V1X 4H3 Phone: 250 862-3274